Morning News Roundup, Jul 17

Jeff Prince
Jerry Gets An A-Minus; Eagles Get Squat The experts are praising the Dallas Cowboys for wrapping up Dez Bryant to a five-year deal. Personally, I feel terrible for the Philadelphia Eagles. Some desperate people up there dared t...

Panic Volcanic

Concert Review: Panic Volcanic at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
Saturday evening I headed out to Lola’s Saloon (2736 W 6th St) for the 817 Watts launch party, a new for-fans-by-fans magazine that is being put together by local photographer Kasi Daine. The magazine will be released monthly...


On Tap in Fort Worth: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Edward Brown
It’s an exciting time to be a craft beer enthusiast in Fort Worth. I spend the better part of my free time checking out new brewpubs and tasting events, but, admittedly, it’s getting hard to keep up. That’s why I’m goin...


Fort Worthology: Hemphill Complete Streets Proposal

Kevin Buchanan
The Hemphill-Lamar Connector, a long-discussed tunnel between Hemphill and Lamar Streets that would add another link between the Near Southside and Downtown, has officially been underway since April. Though visible progress is ...

His new contract is this big!

Morning News Roundup, Jul 16

Kristian Lin
Throw Up the X There is joy in Cowboys Nation today, for Dez Bryant signed a $70 million contract with the team yesterday, and you didn’t. Among other things, the deal averts possible collusion charges that the agents for Bry...


Concert Review: Mountain Kid at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
This past weekend, Fort Worth had no shortage of album release shows; it seemed like they were happening everywhere. Friday night I made my way to Lola’s Saloon for the release of part one of Mountain Kid’s two-part album T...


Morning News Roundup, Jul 15

Eric Griffey
Stockyards Plan Revealed Private companies told a group of people during a presentation Tuesday they are planning a massive $174 Million development around the stockyards including, they say, preserving and expanding historic l...

Rush 1

A Presidential Lineup

Rush Olson
The old saying about the Washington Senators, as coined by baseball writer Charles Dryden, always went: “First in war, first in peace, last in the American League.” The Sens did tend to find themselves at the caboose end of...

Animal Spirit

2015 Music Awards Ceremony

Anthony Mariani
On Sunday, more than 100 Fort Worth musicians and their plus-ones piled into Shipping & Receiving’s Tilt Room for our 18th annual Music Awards ceremony. Staff photogs Lee Chastain, Vishal “The Hindu Hammer”...

THIS YOUNG WOMAN FROM RURAL IRAN IS NOW OUR FRIEND. (photo courtesy of wikipedia).

Morning News Roundup, Jul 14

Jeff Prince
Iran Agrees To Nuclear Deal The Middle East is saved! No more terrorism! No more violence! No more war! Well, that might be overstating Iran’s agreement to curb its nuclear program. But it’s a start. All Hail Sid Bass! Some...