Kacey Dowd's chalk artworks are things of beverage beauty.

On Tap in Fort Worth: Beer Menu Chalk Art

If you’ve ever dropped by The Bearded Lady, Chimera Brewing Company, or The Collective Brewing Project, then you’ve seen Kacey Dowd’s chalk art. Her bright swirls of pastels and custom lettering have adorned the Bearded L...


Fort Worth School District Bathroom Brawls

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick took time out of his busy and important job yesterday to come to Fort Worth to remind transgender students that their choice of gender means nothing to him. Patrick was greeted boos and hisses from seve...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) The funniest thing I’ve heard in recent memory is being at Tom Thumb and hearing a commercial for the Wildflower Festival in Richardson on May 20-22. I don’t know if it was an in-house situation in which Tom Thumb uses c...


Sports Rush: The Coolest Thing in Athletics

Rush Olson
I just tried the hottest trend in sports recovery. Or at least as hot as you can get at 240 degrees below zero. When you play sports your whole life, you inevitably run (or stumble) into situations where you have to “put some...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) This list is pretty Saturday heavy, but here’s one for Friday: Collin Herring, Daniel Markham, and Kelsey Lewis at Shipping & Receiving. I’ve probably mentioned how Herring was once the crowned prince of alt-country ...


Local Artists Respond to the Weekly’s Critic

Edward Brown
Last week, installation artist and Fort Worth Weekly art critic Christopher Blay weighed in on an April 23 art show through his online Weekly art column, “Untitled.” The event, 100 for 100: 100 Artists for 100 Dollars &...

Eddie 1

On Tap in Fort Worth: Behind the Bar at the Live Oak

Edward Brown
Earlier this week, a good friend of mine posted on Facebook that the term “gastropub” reminded him more of a stomach abnormality than an eating establishment that does food and beer well. I was nonplussed, partly because I ...

courtesy of Lori Gunter

Sports Rush: Food and Football

Rush Olson
Would it seem stereotypical to assume tackles, guards, and centers should really love an event that revolves around food? New Dallas Cowboys center/guard Joe Looney thought the characterization fit. “You get to eat and have a...


“Untitled,” How Much for One Rib? or 100 Reasons I Didn’t Go to the Cheap Art Show.

Christopher Blay
In Keenan Ivory Wayans’ “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” there’s an exchange between a barbecue restaurant owner, played by Isaac Hayes, and Chris Rock’s character, who tries to bargain for food by asking the owner to sel...


Premiere of Vodeo’s “Pillow Talk” Video

Edward Brown
I first heard about Vodeo’s music video while hoisting beers with three of the rock quartet’s bandmates: Jonathon Gehringer (guitar/vocals), Jacob Pullig (bass/vocals), and Jason Whorton (drums) at the now-defunct Trinity R...