‘Dear President Obama’ Screening Thursday Night

Jeff Prince
The natural gas drillers who used bullying and deceptive tactics to roll over urban residents in a quest for greed are getting their karmic comeuppance these days. The price of natural gas has plummeted. The industry is reeling...

Blay feature

Untitled: Fort Worth Weekly’s Art Blog

Christopher Blay
“What you see” Timothy Harding at Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas A lot of painters eventually move away from the canvas and into sculptural installations. I think it’s because when painting moved away from represen...

Mañana Cowboy

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) If you haven’t already, you should read last week’s FW Weekly’s cover story, because it contains some hot sports opinions about gentrification from 1919 Hemphill Head Volunteer Al Rios. You can read it here and make yo...


Eastward Bound: A Forth Worthian’s Travel Guide to Big D

Edward Brown
From Fort Worth’s downtown, Dallas is little more than a half hour away, traffic permitting. The divide seems insignificant, but Highway 360 is all-too-often like the North Texas Mason-Dixon line. Granted, each bustling (and ...


The Dallas Record Show Moves the Needle

Jeremy Hallock
The Dallas Record Show passed the test, gathering 32 vendors to the Richardson Civic Center Saturday for its inaugural convention and attracting more than 500 buyers. The first event of its kind did well enough for a second eve...

FORMER JUDGE JEAN BOYD (Fox News screenshot)

Ethan Couch, Parents Pucker Up For Taxpayer Teat

Jeff Prince
Remember those parents who were so wealthy they spoiled their kid to the point of being blame-free for his actions? The Ethan Couch “affluenza” case has hit another low. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that taxpayers f...


Sports Rush: NASCAR is Semi-Serious Business

Rush Olson
Sports are supposed to be fun, but since the aim is to win, a competitor also has to take certain aspects of them seriously to realize his or her goals. One has to find the right balance between intensity and remembering it’s...


Top 5 Shows This Weekend

Steve Steward
1) Team to Beat Show of the Week Alert: Don’t miss Telegraph Canyon at Lola’s Trailer Park tonight! As is the case with Trailer Park shows, they start at 7 and are done by 9; if you get there at start time, you’ll be trea...


Nelson, Jennings Coming to Lola’s Trailer Park

Jeff Prince
The importance of topical humor isn’t lost on Lukas Nelson. I ask him about the upcoming show that he and Shooter Jennings will be performing in Fort Worth, and he warns that their show might not begin exactly on time. “We...

Reagan James

Soundcheck 817: Reagan James at Friday on the Green

Eric Griffey
Tonight, Reagan James will headline the first Friday on the Green of the year. The 17-year-old local gal stopped by the luxurious environs of the Weekly’s conference room and sang a breathtaking song. Be sure to see her t...