Jake P

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) There are some good shots of what appears to be southwest Texas in this Jacob Furr video. Friday night’s show at Live Oak Lounge is headlined by songwriter Jacob Furr, whose heartbreaking Trails and Traces album is a must-...


Xs&Os: The Romantic Journey of a Thirty-Something Single Mother

Sarah Angle
Navigating love, life, and relationships with humor and compassion. Say hello to Xs&Os. Well shit, this wasn’t supposed to happen. I distinctly recall swearing in front of God, my pastor, and about 250 people “ ‘till ...

HUDSON MOORE IS AT LEVITT PAVILION TONIGHT. (photo courtesy Hudson Moore web site)

News Roundup: June 19, 2015

Jeff Prince
Ag Commissioner Wants Your Children Dead Does the state’s new agricultural commissioner own stock in Crisco? Sid Miller took the unusual step of repealing the state’s ban on deep fryers in public schools, and eased up on re...

Blue Zone

Central Market Joins the Blue Bandwagon

Laurie Barker James
The Blue Zones Project is a national initiative encouraging small changes ­­in diet, exercise, and habits like smoking. Small changes will ostensibly, according to the Fort Worth Blue Zones‘ website, “contribute huge ...


UT-Arlington Study Links Fracking To Groundwater Contamination

Jeff Prince
Yesterday’s News Roundup told you about the puckering sound coming from Fort Worth’s Range Resources, a gas drilling company facing an $8.9 million fine from Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection. (The...

Alec Jhangiani

Directors Leave Lone Star Film Society (Updated)

Kristian Lin
Shock waves rumble across the Fort Worth cultural scene as Lone Star Film Society director Alec Jhangiani and marketing managing director Ramtin Nikzad resigned from their positions. So abrupt was the move that the society didn...

USA Nigeria

Women’s World Cup Update (The Now It All Gets Serious Edition)

Kristian Lin
With their 1-0 victory over Nigeria yesterday, USA takes first place in the Women’s World Cup Group of Death and now looks forward to a matchup with Colombia on Monday. Should USA win that game, a quarterfinal berth opposite ...

Beyond Words 1

Beyond Words at the Grackle Art Gallery

James Michael Russell
If Terry Horn says Beyond Words is a work in progress, I’ll believe him –– grudgingly. This collaboration between his sonic art project, Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, and choreographer/dancer Rosemary Candelario that was pe...


News Roundup: June 17, 2015

Eric Griffey
More Fucking Rain! Did you ever think we’d be complaining about too much rain in Texas? Even Pete Delkus is wearing arm floaties to work. Luckily our city leaders are preparing for the latest round of rainfall brought by Hurr...


News Roundup, June 16

Peter Gorman
Get the Boots Out Again The eastern half of Texas had a lot of rain last month, but evidently the rain gods don’t think we had enough. A new tropical storm made landfall this morning and is headed north, with the promise,...