on March 25, 2010 in Berkeley, California.

DEA Declares Earth To Be Flat

Jeff Prince
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is sticking to its long-held belief that marijuana has no medicinal value and should be categorized as a Schedule 1 drug right alongside LSD, heroin, and cocaine. All those people who us...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) The best show of the weekend is down in the bottom slot, but here’s a good one for Wednesday night: Weaves at Three Links in Dallas, with local support courtesy Bummer Vacation and Narrow Head. A lazy critic’s or publici...

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Sports Rush: Of Tex and Texas

Rush Olson
The Yankees announced this week that the last reason a Rangers fan might reasonably have to cheer for them to win a ballgame will go away at the end of the season. Or at least that’s the way it is for me. I supposed, technica...

Suicide Squad

Bonus Film Review: Suicide Squad

Kristian Lin
Once upon a time, Warner Brothers revived its Batman series with a talented young director at the helm named Christopher Nolan. And it was all great, as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight brought in large hauls at the box office...


Sword Play

Edward Brown
The bright sound of clanging steel broke through an otherwise quiet, balmy summer day near White Rock Lake in Dallas. As joggers and other passersby paused to stare at the curious sight of grown men engaged in combat with medie...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) Have you been to Taco Heads yet? The taco trailer’s brick-and-mortar sister restaurant is having “music and munchies” night from 7-9pm on Thursday night featuring live jams from the Bobby Dade Trio. It’ll be a nice l...


Sports Rush : Good Calls – Talking with Mike Pereira of Fox Sports

Rush Olson
One of the best calls Mike Pereira ever made : starting a charitable initiative that both helps veterans and meets a need within the officiating profession. Fox Sports NFL announcers bring in Pereira when there’s a question a...


On Tap in Fort Worth: Kraft Beer

Edward Brown
If you’ve been following Fort Worth’s newest brewery, Wild Acre Brewing Company, then you’ve probably heard the name Mike Kraft. As Wild Acre’s head of brewing operations, Kraft is the creative mind behind the venture...

(Courtesy of Humane Society of North Texas)

Kitten Survives Komodo Dragon Scare At Fort Worth Zoo

Jeff Prince
Eight lives left, little fellow. A zoo attendant found this tiny kitten inside a Komodo dragon exhibit on Saturday at the Fort Worth Zoo. The 1-month old feline is black with a few brown spots. The Humane Society of North Texas...


Jerry Should Just Say No To Johnny Football Manziel

Jeff Prince
The former Texas A&M University star quarterback turned NFL bust said he wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has had a man crush on Johnny Manziel for years. Jones wanted to d...