Cliburn in Russia

Jimmy Fowler
Van Cliburn is such An Institution here in the Fort that he tends to get taken for granted. But this past weekend The New York Times showed Cliburn some love with an intriguing story about his recent return visit to Russia to s...

Emily Browning (front), Jena Malone and Vanessa Hudgens (second row), Abbie Cornish, Scott Glenn, and Jamie Chung (back row) in "Sucker Punch."

Defending “Sucker Punch”

Kristian Lin
This week Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch came out on DVD, and since a) I didn’t get a chance to review it properly when it came out in theaters and b) I thought it was fundamentally misunderstood by the people who did review it...

Music Awards Festival Recap Vol. 3

Anthony Mariani
Staff photographer Anna Routh was also on the scene last Sunday for our 2011 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival — featuring 48 bands (all from Fort Worth) in eight venues in the West 7th corridor – and provid...

Early Texas Art Show And Sale Tonight And Saturday

Jeff Prince
Ho ho ho! It’s July in Texas and hotter than two fireflies mating in a wool sock, but art lovers around here look forward to the annual Collectors of Fort Worth Art show and sale like children awaiting Christmas morn. Thi...

Music Awards Festival Recap Vol. 2

Anthony Mariani
In addition to Pete Rearden, whose awesome pics can be viewed here, Weekly staff photog Vishal Malhotra was also on the scene and took some exceptional snaps (and while partially hobbled by recent surgery).  

FWSO’s “Rock and Roll Heaven”

Jimmy Fowler
We’d like to suggest one excellent way to start off your Independence Day holiday weekend: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s 8pm Fri July 1 edition of its Concert in the Garden series at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden (Univers...

Michele Bachmann Needs New Song

Jeff Prince
Poor Michele Bachmann. First laconic rocker Tom Petty told the presidential hopeful to cease and desist from playing “American Girl” while she’s on the campaign trail. Then Katrina & the Waves told Bachman...

Woah Trigger!

Jeff Prince
As someone who capitalizes poorly when writing on social network sites, I cracked up when this advice was passed along by a Facebook friend: “Grammar is important. Capital letters are the difference between “Helping...

Music Awards Festival Recap: Vol. 1

Anthony Mariani
Thanks to Fort Worth photog Pete Rearden, who spent the duration of the 2011 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival last weekend taking awesome action shots, candids, and ambient pics that really drive home the massive scope...

Willie Nelson Picnic Lineup Is Set

Jeff Prince
The musical lineup for Willie Nelson’s July 4 picnic at Billy Bob’s Texas looks like an eclectic bunch, including several of Willie’s kids. It will certainly be the coolest picnic ever — half the bands w...