Weekend Tip: Die!

Jeff Prince
A Christian group’s interpretation of the Bible says that a giant earthquake on Saturday will destroy the world. That’s a year and a half before the Mayan prediction of December 2012 as the end of days. Makes you wo...

Local Teacher Jailed for Sex

Jimmy Fowler
The criminalization of consensual sex between adults is immoral, and it’s playing out in a particularly obnoxious way right now: Kennedale High School teacher Brittni Nicole Colleps turned herself in to Arlington police to fa...

Cathy Hirt Not Ready To Endorse Mayor

Jeff Prince
Fresh off her third-place finish in this weekend’s mayoral election, Cathy Hirt isn’t quick to endorse either Jim Lane or Betsy Price. The runoff election is June 18. “I’m not prepared to make a decision...

200-Pound Gar Caught On Rod And Reel In Trinity

Jeff Prince
Some of my best childhood memories revolve around fishing trips to the Trinity River, and I particularly remember dealing with alligator gar. My dad, uncle, and grandfather would start a fishing trip by pulling out a net, stret...

Dupree’s “NYT” Obit

Jimmy Fowler
Local media reported the recent passing of the great session guitarist and bandleader Cornell Dupree in Fort Worth. The New York Times took note and posted his obituary over the weekend.

Palazzolo Case Continued

                        A decision just released by the Texas Commissioner of Education on Joe Palazzolo’s appeal of his firing by Superintendent Melody Johnson has the effect of reinstating him to his ...

Breaking News — Joe Palazzolo Reinstated Pending Rehearing

Breaking News. A decision just released by the Texas Commissioner of Education has the effect of reinstating Joe Palazzolo, whistleblower and former assistant principal at Arlington Heights High School, to his position as an e...

More Fun With “Bridesmaids”

Kristian Lin
My fellow movie critics, both male and female, seem to be in step with me in finding Bridesmaids to be hilarious, but as usual with great movies, I had many more thoughts than would fit in my review of the movie. (I linked to O...

Fort Worth Home To Hottest Sex Offenders

Jeff Prince
The Houston Press raised a stink yesterday when it blogged about “The 10 Hottest Women On The Texas Sex Offenders List.” Many readers were outraged because they thought it taboo to describe sex offenders as hot, or ...

First Friday on the Green Tonight

Anthony Mariani
Brought to you by Fort Worth South Inc. and your friends here at the Weekly, First Friday on the Green is a free monthly outdoor concert series that takes place at Magnolia Green Park (1100 block of Lipscomb between Rosedale an...