Josh Weathers Rocks The Joint

Jeff Prince
As I was writing the headline for this post, I wished somebody would have poked fun of soul man Josh Weathers last night. That way, I could have written the headline, “Josh Weathers Weathers Joshing.” But nobody mad...

Perry to Weigh Prez Run

Jimmy Fowler
So Rick Perry, after saying he was absolutely not going to run for president, just said this morning that he will consider running for leader of the free world after the state legislature adjourns. Perry has a history of crony...

Walter Dansby – In or Out?

            “I’ve never heard anyone on this board say a negative word – ever — about Walter Dansby,” said Fort Worth schools trustee Carlos Vasquez, “But now that some of us want to hire him to fill ...

Josh Weathers Will Kill At Central Market Tonight

Jeff Prince
You’d be foolish to miss Thursday Night Live tonight at Central Market at I-30 and Hulen Street. Foolish I say! The most soulful guy around is going to be performing with his crackerjack band — Josh Weathers and the...

Not That Handicapped

Jeff Prince
A Fort Worth Weekly fan was waiting in the drive-thru line at Starbucks and noticed an interesting array of messages coming from the car in front. Note the handicapped license plate, the Jesus fish, and the unusual sticker at t...

Music Awards Ballot Ready For Voters

Jeff Prince
The nominees for this year’s Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards are listed on the ballot here. Cast your votes for Tarrant County’s most killer bands, and plan on attending our big awards festival on June 26. Glancing o...

Cathy Hirt Endorses Jim Lane For Mayor

Jeff Prince
Cathy Hirt, who finished third in the Fort Worth mayoral race earlier this month, is endorsing Jim Lane, the candidate who came in second behind Betsy Price. Price and Lane will duke it out in a runoff election next month. Here...

Welcome to Earthquake Country

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Music” feature is a profile of Fort Worth singer-songwriter Jason Worley, who recently released a quietly compelling and seriously playful album called Diaspora under the name Earthquake Country. It’s not q...

Stormy Skies Ready For Close-Up

Jeff Prince
Here are storm videos from last night, posted by local residents on YouTube:

God Hates The Mavs

Jeff Prince
God appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show and dissed Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. I’m watching Conan, recorded on TIVO last night, and the TV funnyman introduced God to explain why the world didn’t...