Another Win for the AHHS Whistleblower

On Saturday, former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal and whistleblower Joe Palazzolo received a letter from the Texas Education Agency director of field audits, Dorinda Cavazos Wheeless, that “was music to my...

FW Actor Barry Corbin Gets Some Dallas Love

Jeff Prince
You don’t fully realize how prolific, talented, and funny Fort Worth actor Barry Corbin is until you see clips of his many film and TV performances strung together in a video tribute like the one shown this weekend at the...

‘Phibs at the Modern

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight (Monday May 2) 7pm at the Modern, Amphibian Productions will present a staged reading of playwright Philip Gerson’s Eyes Forward. It’s a mystery, a drama, and a romance rolled into one script that focuses on a paint...

Bin Laden Is Dead

Kristian Lin
Yes, we got the bastard. Light a candle for him, because he is certainly roasting somewhere.

Magnolia Motor Lounge Kegger Sunday

Anthony Mariani
On Sunday, Magnolia Motor Lounge (2005 Morton St., Cultural District, 817-332-3344) will raffle off The Beast, a 1931 Model A sedan that looks pretty all-terrain-y and not so traditionally “vintage.” The festivities will ta...

Oh!!!! Oscar Wilde Visits Jersey Shore

Kristian Lin
Apparently Playbill.com has found the recipe for comedy gold. They took two actors starring in a current Broadway production of The Importance of Being Earnest and had them recite transcripts of dialogue from Jersey Shore as if...

Recycle Your Phone, See the Museum

Kristian Lin
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has just announced that if you recycle your mobile phone at the museum between now and May 8, you can get a voucher to see the museum for free, to be used at any point during the summer,...

USA Today Praises Salsa Limon

Anthony Mariani
Today, USA Today published its unranked list of the country’s 10 best burrito joints, and among them is Fort Worth’s Salsa Limon, a relatively new establishment that got its first press (English-speaking press, at least) fr...

Any Love for the Locals from Willie?

Anthony Mariani
Billy Bob’s Texas recently heralded the return after five evidently long years of Willie’s 4th of July Picnic to Fort Worth, specifically to Rodeo Plaza, a.k.a. that large portion of Stockyards real estate occupied by the W...

Shirley She’ll Smile

Jimmy Fowler
There are plenty of reasons to catch “An Evening With Shirley MacLaine,” the actress’s live retrospective on her six decade career happening at Bass Hall 8pm Saturday (Apr 30). Of course, the 76 year old performer is extr...