Thrift Art Gallery Show and Auction Set

Anthony Mariani
Is Chris Blay’s annual Thrift Art Gallery Show and Auction going mainstream? Nah. It’s just getting bigger. On Sat., Apr. 30, at William Campbell Contemporary Art (4935 Byers Ave., West Side, 817-737-9566) –– that’s r...

Brewfest in Photos

Anthony Mariani
Special thanks to photog John Moore, who took the snaps below last weekend during the inaugural Brewfest on Crockett. Evidently, about 3,000 people clicked through throughout the day. See ya next year.

Richie Budd: But Is It Art?

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Art” page answers that age old question: “But is it art?” Yes, it is – it’s Fort Worth “performative sculptor” Richie Budd’s art. Budd, a UNT graduate and member of the now defunct but still-dis...

Are You a Hipster or Scenester?

Anthony Mariani
Via Harper’s, a.k.a. the best magazine in the world, ever, below is a tasty sampling of multiple interviews conducted with young people as part of research for a paper published in The Journal of Consumer Research. The study ...

NY Times Echoes FW Weekly

Jeff Prince
See, we at the Fort Worth Weekly aren’t the only ones worrying about the natural gas industry and the environmental shortcuts they take and the pollution and problems they cause. The New Y0rk Times, a major news voice of ...

“Making the Boys” at Q

Jimmy Fowler
Anyone interested in the American theater, gay culture, and the assimilation of gay people into the mainstream (or not) should check out director Crayton Robey’s 2009 documentary Making the Boys. Q Cinema will screen it 8pm ...

One-Hit Wonders Win Again

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Observer‘s March 31 cover featured a deer with crosshairs on its skull, and the headline “One-Hit Wonders.” The cover mocked Texas Rangers fans and their antler gestures, and predicted doom for the ...

Jubilee’s “Monday Night Series”

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight (Mon Apr 11) at 7pm, Jubilee Theatre will present the second installment of its 2011 “Monday Night Series” with a staged reading of playwright Katori Hall’s comic drama Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, about the pol...

R.I.P., Sidney Lumet

Kristian Lin
“Good style, to me, is unseen style.” The film director Sidney Lumet was quoted as saying so in the New York Times obituary notice that ran for him over the weekend. The 86-year-old Lumet passed away on Saturday, af...

Kelly Clarkson On Idol This Week

Jeff Prince
American Idol is teetering toward inanity this season after a promising start. The new judges who were so strong in the early episodes have evolved into boring cheerleaders with nothing to say. The guest performers, including D...