Slice of Cherpumple?

Jimmy Fowler
This is apparently the newest thing in holiday dessert excess — a cherpumple. It’s a three-layer cake with three kinds of pie (pumpkin, cherry, apple) baked inside. I’m a fan of gluttony, but no thanks.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Guitar In Stockyards

Jeff Prince
A cool but freaky guitar just made its way to Adobe Picture Framing manager (and Blotch buddy) Joel Lively. This handpainted Gibson Blues King acoustic guitar was played extensively by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin during the ...

Fort Worth Artist Brings Big Bucks

Jeff Prince
Early Fort Worth artist Bror Utter‘s intriguing oil on canvas painting “The Visitors” (1943) fetched $35,850 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas last weekend. That’s some serious cheese for local art. Utter (...

Ridglea Purchased by Gas Pipe Owner

Anthony Mariani
Jerry Shults, owner of The Gas Pipe, a Southwestern regional chain of smoke shops, is about to close a deal on the Ridglea Theater building and is currently making interior repairs. Shults also is seeking “the appropriate his...

Cowboys, Wildcard, Super Bowl???

Jeff Prince
The dreamers among us are excited. They imagine that a two-game win streak after a coaching change has set off a chain of events that will lead to a 9-7 season record, wildcard playoff slot, and a Super Bowl berth for the Dalla...

Hitchens, Dembski Debate God

Jimmy Fowler
Although it wasn’t widely publicized, celebrated atheist pundit Christopher Hitchens came to North Texas last week to debate the existence of God. His opponent in the public event at Plano’s Prestonwood Christian Academy wa...

Jubilee Names Artistic Director

Jimmy Fowler
This afternoon Jubilee Theatre announced it has chosen a new artistic director –Tre Garrett. The Houston native has a long list of regional theater credits, has worked on many productions at New York’s Kennedy Center, and w...

MLS Championship Preview

Kristian Lin
It’s eerie how similar the seasons of FC Dallas and the Texas Rangers have shaped up. Both teams had never won a playoff series before this year, and both chemistry-rich teams defied expectations (and beat opponents with ...

Circle, ‘Phibs Shows to Close

Jimmy Fowler
This will be your last weekend to catch shows by two top Fort Worth theater companies before the productions close. Interestingly, they both deal with the craziness of contemporary education, though from very different angles. ...

Willow Palin, Mean Girl

Kristian Lin
Here’s a bigger internet brushfire than whether hackers are keeping Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars. Responding to a poster named Tre criticizing the new reality TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Bristol’s...