More World Cup Thoughts

Kristian Lin
I love it when the designated patsies at these international tournaments decide to go off script and show up to play. The North Koreans were widely assumed to be headed for oblivion in Group G, but there they were making Brazil...

Ridglea Music Closing

Anthony Mariani
After 50 years of business, Ridglea Music is closing its doors for good on Wed., June 30. Joe Fritz, who co-owns the place with his wife, Cheryl Fritz, say they never recovered from business lost during a long and drawn-out rel...

Mi Cocinita Close But No Cigar For New Lunch Spot

Jeff Prince
A local food critic tracking my quest for a new lunch spot due to the heartbreaking closure of Los Alamos Café advised me to eat at one of his favorite spots. I can’t reveal the critic’s identity, but his first name rhymes...

Rep. ‘Smokey’ Joe Barton Sorry For BP

Jeff Prince
Please…just watch video…can’t write now…Barton idiocy too overwhelming…my mind short-circuiting…can’t compute…can’t compute… .

Bill White: Grumpy Gus for Guv

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s a good piece from the Texas Observer that breaks down Dem candidate Bill White’s management style as both mayor of Houston and as energy and investment executive. As much detail as the reporting provides on White’s...

Willie Nelson Haircut Update

Jeff Prince
Remember a few weeks ago when every news outlet around was reporting that Willie Nelson had cut off his hair? He’d been spotted in Hawaii jamming with a band — and wearing a Dutch Boy haircut that appears to have be...

1919 Comp CD Out Now

Anthony Mariani
1919 Hemphill’s second compilation CD, How Y’all Doin’ Tonight?, is out now and available at all 1919 shows for $5-8. The CD includes hand-screened, hand-glued DIY covers, a “huge insert,” according to the good folks ...

SceneShop Honors Thurber

Jimmy Fowler
The humorist and cartoonist James Thurber (1894-1961) gets a very welcome appreciation as SceneShop presents two readings entitled “Men. Women. Dogs. A Thurber Celebration.” ‘Shopsters Natalie Gaupp, Melodee Halbach, Peg...

Reader Assaults Peace Story

Jeff Prince
A reader sent this email after reading my cover story regarding peace advocates and a nonviolent communication program: “People get grants for any and everything and they will even test coffee rings in coffee cups but to ...

Reason No. 984 To Diss RadioShack

Jeff Prince
Today’s story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Tarrant County’s inability to pay for the demolition of the civil courts building is just another knife in the back compliments of RadioShack. Let’s stroll d...