Burning Hotels Songwriting for Next Album

Anthony Mariani
The redesigned Burning Hotels are currently writing songs for album No. 3, the follow-up to the band’s last effort, early-2010’s Novels. Co-songwriters and –frontmen Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty are video-documenting the ...

Don Meredith Pioneered Tripping For Jets Coach

Jeff Prince
The NFL is reviewing video footage of the New York Jets coach that tripped a Miami Dolphins player who was running down the sideline during a play. The coach is now a target for discipline up to and including firing. Most USA T...

Wondering Whatever Happened To Jeff Crilley

Jeff Prince
Ever wonder what happened to Jeff Crilley, the longtime FOX 4 TV news reporter who disappeared a couple years back? Nah, I hadn’t thought about him either. But lately I’ve been getting emails from him. Which reminds...

Holiday Bake Sale at Jubilee

Jimmy Fowler
Jubilee Theatre will hold its annual holiday fundraiser and bake sale 5:30pm Sunday (Dec 12) in the downtown theater space at 506 Main St in Fort Worth. There will be a silent auction and a live auction for event tickets, signe...

Clubhouse’s Last Waltz Is Sunday

Jeff Prince
An era ends on Sunday when the Clubhouse Concert Series hosts its final show after eight years of Texas Music goodness. And just like The Band tapped into its talent-rich pool of friends for The Last Waltz back in the day, Joni...

Further Notes From the “Inception”

Kristian Lin
I got the DVD of Inception a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been obsessively re-watching it. Indeed, this is one movie that seems made for the experience. I already tacked on a few links about the movie at the end of this ...

Burning Hotels on Drummer Split

Anthony Mariani
Regarding the departure of The Burning Hotels‘ drummer Wyatt Adams, frontman Chance Morgan issued a statement, not placing blame, though you can tell by his words that a stylistic divergence had occurred.  The split has ...

Rudolph and Hermey, Together Again

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Stage” page features a cool conversation with Joe Sturgeon, Casa Manana’s director of children’s theater and the man responsible for the world premiere musical Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – based not...

Who’s The New John Lennon?

Jeff Prince
Today’ marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of pop music’s greatest peace advocate. Rolling Stone is featuring John Lennon on the cover along with a story written from a nine-hour interview he gave just t...

Burning Hotels Part With Drummer?

Anthony Mariani
Based on the lineup listed on the Fort Worth post-punk band’s Facebook page, drummer Wyatt Adams is no longer part of the group. Adams is one of the most skilled stickmen in the business. More later. 33