R.I.P., Benoit Mandelbrot

Kristian Lin
Sad news from the world of higher mathematics: Benoit Mandelbrot passed away last week at the age of 85. The Polish-born mathematician was best known as the father of fractal geometry, a field that was controversial when origin...

Hurricane Ruta Returns to Town

Jimmy Fowler
Before we were old enough to know who she was, some of us remember seeing Ruta Lee in Casa Manana ads during Channel 11’s afternoon movies in the ‘70s. Lee is preparing to open this Saturday in Casa’s version of The Best ...

Rick Springfield Talks To Strangers

Jeff Prince
You know him as the 1980s heartthrob and Grammy award-winning rock idol (“Jessie’s Girl,” “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” and 15 other Top 40 hits): You know him as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospi...

Dallas Cowboys Leapfrog To Abyss

Jeff Prince
Miles Austin’s impromptu leapfrog over Roy Williams in the end zone was really cool, but the uptight NFL rules committee just can’t stand for players to have a good time. But watch any NFL game — after every t...

Fort Worth Vegan Blog Launched

Jimmy Fowler
Attention, tofu totalers and zucchini zealots: We’ve heard that being a vegan in a city known worldwide for its cattle industry can be a little a lonely. Local cabbageheads can now cozy up together online via VegFortWorth, a ...

AHHS Administrators Illegal Activities Confirmed

The long-awaited Fort Worth schools’ investigative report into illegalities at Arlington Heights High School was released late yesterday evening and confirms the majority of the allegations of wrongdoing at that school first ...

Hip Tips (Slight Return)

Anthony Mariani
Remember how I used to turn you on to cool new things every week in Blotch? But then I got sorta lazy and stopped? Well, I’m not one to let a little thing like my lack of follow-through stop me from telling you what you shou...

Get Free Car, 15 Minutes Fame

Jeff Prince
I’d like a new Ford pickup, please. Preferably red in color. With in-dash GPS, of course. And if you don’t give it to me, I’m going to burn the Quran.

Beat The Rush With Early Voting

Jeff Prince
People get excited about early shopping days, and so I’m sure everyone is equally pumped that early voting for the upcoming November election season begins on Monday!!!! Tarrant County elections for federal, state, distri...

Save Our Schools, Superman

Kristian Lin
I had a lot of thoughts about the film Waiting for “Superman” that I couldn’t get into this week’s Film Shorts. This documentary an infuriating movie on many levels, not only because it depicts widesprea...