Sarah Palin’s Attack on the Media: Pandering Nonsense or Sour Grapes?

You decide. My favorite quote from her speech yesterday, as she handed power over to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell: “Democracy depends on you, and that is why — that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So how abo...

Whatever Will Grunt Will Grunt

Jeff Prince
An MSN article today mentions five life lessons that come up most among people aged 65 to 104: 1. The simple things matter most. 2. Humor and time cure most pains. 3. There’s more satisfaction in giving than getting. 4. Choos...

Boozing With President Obama

Jeff Prince
President Barack Obama screwed up royally by saying those Cambridge cops “acted stupidly” when arresting black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. The prez wasn’t there, didn’t know what happened, and inserted...

Dinner Roll: Restuarant Round-Up

In addition to great deals, the Dinner Roll is all about new places to eat. Tim Love’s new gourmet burger joint opens its doors next week, and a much-needed fine dining restaurant has opened up in Weatherford. Love Shack So7 ...

Weekender/Hip-Tips, Fri., July 24

Anthony Mariani
Odd pairing tomorrow night (Saturday) at the Longhorn (121 W Exchange Av, the Stockyards, 817-740-9477): Austin’s kinda silly, rockabilly-inflected Flametrick Subs and Fort Worth’s deadly serious, grungy Stella Rose. But as...

In a Fat Snit

Jimmy Fowler
If ever there was an example of America’s screwed-up relationship with food and physical appearance (a pathology shared by the skinny as well as the fat), it’s in the current web debate over whether Obama’s nominee for su... Loves Angelo’s Bar-B-Que

Anthony Mariani
Angelo’s Bar-B-Que was recently named one of the top 10 barbecue joints in the country by Of the 51-year-old institution at 2533 White Settlement Road on the near West Side, the legendary magazine says that co-ow...

The Fort Worth Factory

Jimmy Fowler
Check out this week’s interview with installation artist Kate McDougall and graphic designer/filmmaker Brad Simmons, who’ve been inspired by Andy Warhol’s early series of black and white films to create a similar piece of...

Racial Profiling in Massachusetts

Kristian Lin
Well, now, this is disturbing. Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested at his home by Cambridge police after a neighbor called reporting a break-in. (She had seen Gates and his limo driver trying to open the front ...

Ridglea Theater to Stay Put

Anthony Mariani
Though the building might be changing ownership, the Ridglea Theater, according to owners Wesley and Richard Hathaway, is here to stay. Here’s a note from Wesley sent earlier today: “As has been the case too many times duri...