(courtesy of governor's office)

Gov. Greg Abbott Gives Big Wet Kiss To Oil And Gas

Jeff Prince
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed HB40 into law today. The law, as described by Abbott’s press office, preempts “regulation of oil and gas activity at the city level and resides that duty with the state, and ensures tha...

Isaiah Smith

Birdville ISD sued over Christian Prayer

Eric Griffey
The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center filed a lawsuit against the Birdville school District and its board for violating the First Amendment through its practice of promoting Christian pray...

Slide the City

TRVA Attempts to Set Waterslide Record at Pantherfest

Eric Griffey
Back in February, the Trinity River Vision Authority announced its plans to transform the North Main Street bridge into a 2,000-foot water slide as a part of Pantherfest. At the Slide the City event on June 6 (Fort Worth’...

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News Roundup For Monday, May 18

Jeff Prince
From The Land of Koresh Nine dead, twice that many wounded, and 165 people in jail. While waiting for critics to blame President Obama for the biker shootings in Waco, here’s another possible explanation: biker gangs are ...

Charlize Theron curses to the sky in "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Bonus Film Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Kristian Lin
Mad Max: Fury Road is enough to make Furious 7 look sedate by comparison. There, I wrote it. That lead sentence is probably somewhat unfair to Furious 7, which had some fairly jaw-dropping car stunts. Then again, did Furious 7 ...


FRANK Is Back!

Kristian Lin
A few hours ago, the word dropped from Artspace 111 that Devon Nowlin’s stolen dog sculpture FRANK returned to the gallery this morning via the U.S. Mail, wrapped carefully and unharmed. The return happens just in time fo...

Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, and Rebel Wilson sing a final number in "Pitch Perfect 2."

Bonus Film Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Kristian Lin
It’s déjà vu all over again. Just like the Avengers sequel, the hotly anticipated Pitch Perfect 2 is the follow-up to an awesome 2012 movie that had me expecting another dose of energizing fun. And just like Joss Whedon’s...

JT HODGES (photo courtesy JT Hodges website)

JT Hodges Gets People Magazine Love For Ray-Bans Song

Jeff Prince
People magazine recently spotlighted Fort Worth’s own JT Hodges on his inspiration for “Ray-Bans.” Hodges, now living in Nashville, took a cruise vacation with his wife, and one night in Cozumel she began danc...

Hey. This guy wants to play piano for you while you're jamming on the violin or oboe or whatever other classical instrument you've got. At The Live Oak.

Top 5 Shows

1.) There’s this episode of Louie from last season where his Hungarian neighbor/girlfriend Amya duets (in a stairwell) on this beautiful violin piece with Jane, his youngest daughter. The scene really tugged at my heartstring...


Ernis Tires Gets New Sign, World In Order Again

Jeff Prince
This breaking news just in: Ernis Tires got a new sign! Why is this so important? If you’ll recall, my OCD-inspired visit to the tire shop in October ended up with me and an employee  disappearing down a rabbit hole of m...