English and American Soccer Sex Scandals!

Kristian Lin
Four months ahead of the World Cup soccer tournament, one of USA’s opponents is embroiled in a sex scandal that’s had repercussions on our side as well. All Britain is currently abuzz with the news that central defender and...

Lost Recap: Season 6 “L.A. X”

Anthony Mariani
No offense, but your favorite TV show is lame compared to Lost. There’s never been an episodic cinematic series in which all of life’s greatest mysteries –– death, the afterlife, time, space, and, yes, even love –– ...

Rick Perry Flexes Muscles In Poll

Jeff Prince
Looks like Nolan Ryan hitched his team to a rickety wagon. No…not the Texas Rangers. (Well, ok, the Texas Rangers too, but that’s a different story.) I’m talking about the Texas governor’s race. Ryan backed Fort Wor...

Jubilee in Phoenix

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s a round of applause for Jubilee Theatre artistic director Ed Smith and Fort Worth actor/frequent Jubilee collaborator Aaron Petit. The Black Theatre Troupe of Phoenix, AZ has invited Smith to direct and Petit to star i...

Haiti Benefit at Scat Jazz

Anthony Mariani
On Mon., Feb. 8, at Scat Jazz Lounge in Sundance Square, a slew of local acts will be putting on a benefit show for relief efforts in Haiti. Slated to perform are Josh Weathers and the True+Endeavors, Adonis Rose and the Krewe ...

Energy Industry Complains About Complaints

Jeff Prince
U.S. residents are increasingly banding together to fight an energy industry that is creating industrial work sites in the middle of neighborhoods and threatening air and water quality. Environmentalists are trying to change la...

Footloose: Odis Sans Shoes

Anthony Mariani
North Texas indie-rockers Odis have teamed up with Samaritan’s Feet, a nonprofit group that’s collecting shoes to distribute to shoeless Haiti earthquake victims. To raise awareness of the relief effort, Odis will perform b...

The Best Actors of 2009 (Non-Oscar edition)

Kristian Lin
I’m doing something different this year for my list of the best acting performances. I figured that you don’t need me to tell you about the greatness of the three principals in Up in the Air or Christoph Waltz in Inglouriou...

Tony Romo’s Got It Backwards

Jeff Prince
Tony Romo is wearing his ballcap backwards again. This isn’t earth-shattering news. But people with corncobs up their patooties harassed the poor guy for years until he finally broke down and gave up his personal fashion styl...

Fort Worth Sings at Magnolia Green

Anthony Mariani
Magnolia Green Park will be the location of Fort Worth Sings’ March 27 concert to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti. Organizers are firming up a lineup as we speak. Stay tuned. 33