Scenes from Music Awards Ceremony

Anthony Mariani
Nearly 300 people — all nominees in our 13th Annual Music Awards and their plus-ones — packed the Fort Worth Community Arts Center for our Grammy-type event, the Panthys, named after the little panther-head trophies...

Foxymorons Coming

Anthony Mariani
Be on the lookout over the next couple of weeks for Bible Stories, a superlative piece of indie-rock popistry by The Foxymorons, the duo of Fort Worthian Jerry James and Nashvillian David Dewese, who met in the mid 1990s in hig...

Fort Worth Banning Chihuahuas Next?

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth is poking its beak in places it shouldn’t by considering a ban on roosters. The city ought to appreciate residents that own hens and a rooster or two. Chickens lay protein-rich eggs for families to eat and to b...

Swingin’ in the Suburbs

Jimmy Fowler
With the recent allegation that avuncular Earth-saver Al Gore is “a crazed sex poodle,” it should come as no surprise that your garden-variety, overachieving “helicopter parent” also carries a raging sex beast inside. T...

Know When To Fold ‘Em

Jeff Prince
This singer is coming to Fort Worth — and appears very surprised about it. The big surprise is people still pay $44-$66 a ticket to see him perform (8 pm Friday at Bass Hall).

Eggsact Science Claims Chicken Predates Egg

Jeff Prince
If you’ve ever wondered whether the chicken or the egg came first, now we know. (If you’re too lazy to click on the above link and read the story, I’ll give you a hint – it’s the chicken, according to British scientis...

The Best of World Cup 2010

Kristian Lin
Thought I’d wrap up the tournament with my picks for the best we’ve seen over the past month. These are some of the memories that this World Cup has left us to savor: Best Goals 10. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) vs. ...

Live Aid Anniversary Still Haunts Writer

Jeff Prince
Today marks the 25th anniversary of Live Aid, not to mention the 25th anniversary of one of my low points (although, looking back, my situation doesn’t seem all that dire anymore). Do you remember where you were that day?...

Anti-Gay Group at City Hall Tonight

Jimmy Fowler
Curtis Smith, pastor of Arlington’s Trinity Metropolitan Community Church, is calling on the LGBT community and its supporters – especially the Christians among them – to attend tonight’s (Tuesday) 7pm meeting of the Fo...

Mel Gibson Makes Tom Cruise’s Day

Jeff Prince
Tom Cruise is loving him some Mel Gibson these days. Cruise once maintained a quiet air of mystery. Then, perhaps to quell rumors of his alleged homosexuality, he came out of his shell after his engagement to Katie Holmes a few...