Former Bad-Ass Now A Pussycat

Jeff Prince
The Cowboys are lucky to be rid of Roy Williams. I’m not talking about the current Cowboys receiver. No, I’m talking about the former Cowboys safety who went from great to bad seemingly overnight, from being the bad-ass hit...

Weekender, Fri., Aug. 14

Anthony Mariani
Tonight (Friday) is the nationwide release of Bandslam, the tween comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Kudrow, and Aly Michalka that features a cameo performance by Fort Worth’s The Burning Hotels*. There’s a screening ton...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Okay, sports fans, the season’s first preseason game is here and I’m settled in the couch. The game started an hour ago but I’ve TIVO’d it so I can skip commercials. My work colleague Anthony Mariani thinks it’s a...

Mini Femme est Grande Brat

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Night and Day” piece by Kristian Lin gives historical background to The Modern’s two-weekend ”Catch the Wave” festival of French New Wave classics. Many famous titles are here – “Breathless,” “T...

Cheney Book To Beat Around Bush

Jeff Prince
For my money, the creepiest guy around, and I’m even including fictional people such as Freddy Kruger and Norman Bates, is former vice president Dick Cheney. This war-mongering and profiteering sleaze ball was selected to be ...

Down With Hippies

Jimmy Fowler
Since we’re now drowning in coverage of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, complete with international commemorative concerts by frail survivors, let me take the time to confess: Hippies have always annoyed me. Specifically, ...

Budget Woes Bring Tears

Jeff Prince
Interning journalist Sarah Perry wrote this blog post: Most folks knew budget cutting was going to be brutal in Fort Worth, but when the city council got the proposed financial game plan on Tuesday evening, the realities in it ...

New Dog Law Will Kill Puppies

Jeff Prince
Well, looks like those liberal, bleeding-heart lemmings masquerading as city council members voted unanimously for the tougher dog law. As a puppy mill operator and someone who raises pit bulls for fighting, I am appalled at th...

Jon Bonnell on National TV

Texas cuisine impresario Jon Bonnell is scheduled to cook up some of his signature dishes on CBS’s The Early Show in New York on Saturday August 22. The show airs from 6-8am, so set your alarm.

Kinky Again?

Jimmy Fowler
Quite a few of us who enjoy Kinky Friedman’s brand of smart irreverence were disappointed in his 2006 run for the Texas governorship. It seemed he didn’t care enough to brush up on important issues, one-liners were all he h...