Big Czech Event Comes to Town

Anthony Mariani
With all due respect to our Czechoslovakian friends who enjoy gymnastics, WTF?!? An odd moment occurs at the 2:50 mark, when the personality/host begins talking about the origins of slet to the tune of American composer Aaron C...

Joe Kuban’s Mass Draws Hundreds

Jeff Prince
The mass held for Joe Kuban at Nolan Catholic High School this morning drew several hundred friends and formers students to say their last goodbyes. Plenty of tears were shed for this gentle and impassioned man, even though Kub...

Eagle-Eye Look at Oil & Gas

Jeff Prince
Ever wonder what the North Texas countryside looks like to an eagle or a hawk on the wing? Go to Bluedaze and watch the video and you’ll see it looks like an oil and gas industrial site.

Tru-Vue Photo Exhibit Tonight

Jeff Prince
Don’t know about you folks, but I know where I’ll be at 6 pm tonight – attending the opening reception for Tru-Vue, a bad-ass photo exhibit at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. I say “bad-ass” with confidence even...

Kuban’s Vigil, Mass Scheduled

Jeff Prince
A vigil for Joe Kuban is at 6 p.m. Sunday at Nolan Catholic High School, 4501 Bridge St., near the intersection of I-30 and Oakland Ave. in East Fort Worth. “It will be a closed-casket event as Joe’s wishes are to be cr...

“Mr. Nolan” Joe Kuban dead at 59

Jeff Prince
One of Nolan High School’s most beloved teachers, Joe Kuban, died this morning in Arlington. He was 59. Kuban had been battling amylotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, since 2007. His phys...


Anthony Mariani
Flipping through channels at home on Saturday afternoon, I came across an aerial shot of a neo-classical clubhouse and part of a golf course over which the sound of two men whisper-talking proved to be exceptionally soothing an...

One Scary-Ass Future for Earth

Jeff Prince
Did anybody else watch ABC News’ “Earth 2100” last night? This was one of the most interesting TV shows I’ve seen in a while, even though it gave me a bad dream later. Combining documentary with fiction, live action wit...

Dinner Roll: Restaurant Round-Up

For those of you who missed the first Dinner Roll post, I’ll briefly remind you of the criteria. I’m just trying to shed a little light on local restaurants that are having great deals, special menu items, or just trying so...

Hunka Hunka Burning bin Laden

Jeff Prince
So, the U.S. has al Qaeda on the run, huh? Wonder if they’ll fetch Osama bin Laden while there at it. Is anybody even looking anymore? You’d think the mega-bounty on the al Qaeda leader’s head would motivate somebody. If ...