Soundcheck 817: Tim Locke of Calhoun at the Kimbell Art Museum’s Piano Pavilion Auditorium

Eric Griffey
Tomorrow is Kimbell Fest: Scotland at the Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth. It’s a free event featuring art, activities, bagpipes, admission to the “Botticelli to Braque” exhibition, face painters, and some pr...

Lady Agnew

If It’s Not Scottish, It’s Crap (A Preview of Kimbell Fest: Scotland)

Laurie Barker James
If your sum total of knowledge about Scotland consists only of Mike Meyers impersonating Sean Connery in that SNL skit where he pronounces anything that’s not Scottish as “crap,” and, ummm, Scotch, then you might be surpr...


Xs and Os: What is Love (Part 1)

Sarah Angle
What is love? Three couples. One question. And the answers you’ve always wanted to know. Let’s go! For the next three weeks, we’re going on a journey to understand what love is. We’re talking to three couples of differe...


The Top Shelf: Cocktail Myths Debunked

Brad Hensarling
Alright everyone, it’s time to put a misconception to rest: There is no muddling involved in the making of an Old Fashioned. Now that we live in an era where getting a good cocktail is becoming a pretty easy thing to do, the ...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) For all the snide remarks I sling at cover bands, one of my old band’s favorite bits to do live was adding a coda to our cover of the Vandals’ “My Girlfriend’s Dead” by belting out our own cover of the outro chorus...


Morning News Roundup, Jul 17

Jeff Prince
Jerry Gets An A-Minus; Eagles Get Squat The experts are praising the Dallas Cowboys for wrapping up Dez Bryant to a five-year deal. Personally, I feel terrible for the Philadelphia Eagles. Some desperate people up there dared t...

Panic Volcanic

Concert Review: Panic Volcanic at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
Saturday evening I headed out to Lola’s Saloon (2736 W 6th St) for the 817 Watts launch party, a new for-fans-by-fans magazine that is being put together by local photographer Kasi Daine. The magazine will be released monthly...


On Tap in Fort Worth: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Edward Brown
It’s an exciting time to be a craft beer enthusiast in Fort Worth. I spend the better part of my free time checking out new brewpubs and tasting events, but, admittedly, it’s getting hard to keep up. That’s why I’m goin...


Fort Worthology: Hemphill Complete Streets Proposal

Kevin Buchanan
The Hemphill-Lamar Connector, a long-discussed tunnel between Hemphill and Lamar Streets that would add another link between the Near Southside and Downtown, has officially been underway since April. Though visible progress is ...

His new contract is this big!

Morning News Roundup, Jul 16

Kristian Lin
Throw Up the X There is joy in Cowboys Nation today, for Dez Bryant signed a $70 million contract with the team yesterday, and you didn’t. Among other things, the deal averts possible collusion charges that the agents for Bry...