Moon Honey

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) Okay, okay; I’m going to backpedal a little about what I wrote regarding Classic Cult in last week’s list: now that I think about it, I guess it doesn’t really matter artistically (or has ever mattered, I suppose) when...


Xs & Os: We’ll Always Have Paris

Sarah Angle
I met him in a cave in Paris on the night of my birthday. Well, a cave bar actually. You enter the bar on the ground floor and follow a trail of mysterious steps down into a damp room with exposed bricks that glisten in the can...


Texas Troubador Abroad: Brugge

Keegan McInroe
My name is Keegan McInroe, and I am a singer-songwriter from Lubbock who’s been living in Fort Worth off and on since 2001 when I began my four years of study at Texas Christian University. Over the course of my ten plus ...


Morning News Roundup, Sep 11

Jeff Prince
Dallas Cowboys Victorious They haven’t played their first game and the Dallas Cowboys are already big winners this season. The team’s elegant and inspiring blue star is the best damned logo in all of professional footba...

Homebrew Throwdown logo style

On Tap in Fort Worth: Fort Worth Weekly announces 2015 Homebrew Throwdown

Edward Brown
Many of the best laboratories for testing and perfecting new beer recipes are tucked away in garages and basements. The folks brewing these batches are more than weekend warriors, they are part scientist and artist, and an inte...

Food Truck Friday

Arlington’s Food Truck Fridays Expand

Laurie Barker James
The City of Arlington may be a little tardy to the food truck party. But let it be known that we in the Naturally Fun city (seriously, that’s one of the slogans) between FW and Big D like our food trucks…in small, controlle...

KB RT feature

Fort Worthology: Trinity Terrace River Tower

Kevin Buchanan
The downtown Fort Worth skyline is about to get a new addition, which isn’t something you can say all that frequently. The new arrival is now under construction, and it’s called the River Tower. River Tower is the third bui...


The Vampires at Kim Davis’ Neck

Peter Gorman
Born again Kim Davis is probably in over her head, and certainly in it up to her neck. The Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for several days for contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone since the ...

Russel and Rush

Fantasy Football Slackers

Rush Olson
At this time of year, I get sort of annoyed with my friend Russell. That’s not actually fair to him. Russell is a good guy with a lovely family and he’s a fine citizen, with no outstanding warrants to my knowledge. The ...


Morning News Roundup, Sep 9

Eric Griffey
Eye of the Storm More than 9,000 people lost power last night throughout North Texas, as storms rolled through the area to the song “Eye of the Tiger.” Westboro Baptist Church members protested the storms, claiming they wer...