Concert Review: Mountain Kid at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
This past weekend, Fort Worth had no shortage of album release shows; it seemed like they were happening everywhere. Friday night I made my way to Lola’s Saloon for the release of part one of Mountain Kid’s two-part album T...


Morning News Roundup, Jul 15

Eric Griffey
Stockyards Plan Revealed Private companies told a group of people during a presentation Tuesday they are planning a massive $174 Million development around the stockyards including, they say, preserving and expanding historic l...

Rush 1

A Presidential Lineup

Rush Olson
The old saying about the Washington Senators, as coined by baseball writer Charles Dryden, always went: “First in war, first in peace, last in the American League.” The Sens did tend to find themselves at the caboose end of...

Animal Spirit

2015 Music Awards Ceremony

Anthony Mariani
On Sunday, more than 100 Fort Worth musicians and their plus-ones piled into Shipping & Receiving’s Tilt Room for our 18th annual Music Awards ceremony. Staff photogs Lee Chastain, Vishal “The Hindu Hammer”...

THIS YOUNG WOMAN FROM RURAL IRAN IS NOW OUR FRIEND. (photo courtesy of wikipedia).

Morning News Roundup, Jul 14

Jeff Prince
Iran Agrees To Nuclear Deal The Middle East is saved! No more terrorism! No more violence! No more war! Well, that might be overstating Iran’s agreement to curb its nuclear program. But it’s a start. All Hail Sid Bass! Some...

Keegan Bosnia 1

Texas Troubadour Abroad: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Keegan McInroe
My name is Keegan McInroe, and I am a singer-songwriter from Lubbock who’s been living in Fort Worth off and on since 2001 when I began my four years of study at Texas Christian University. Over the course of my ten plus ...

Jon Bonnell

Restaurant News Bites

Laurie Barker James
Café Modern announced that Denise Shavandy will replace the dearly departed Dena Peterson as Executive Chef beginning this week. Chef Peterson’s post-Modern activities include her new catering company. Chef Shavandy helmed t...


Miss Tipsy: Girl’s Night

Colleen Fischer
It’s not that we want to be away from our boyfriends, husbands, or significant others because we can’t stand them. It’s just that we don’t want them around for one night. At all. Single gals, married moms, and especiall...


Morning News Roundup, Jul 13

Jeff Prince
Greeks To Tighten Belts Cuts in pensions and increases in taxes are a couple of things people get to look forward to in Greece if this new deal goes through with European banks. What’s $95 billion between friends? Shooting At...


Soundcheck 817: Salim Nourallah of The Travoltas, Friday on the Green Preview

Eric Griffey
For this week’s sound check, we had a chat with Salim Nourallah who is top of the Travoltas’ totem. For those who don’t know him, Nourallah plays with and records dozens of bands around North Texas. You can se...