debi weir

Remembering Girl’s Choir Director Debra “Debi” Weir

Edward Brown
Last Saturday, Debra “Debi” Weir, the executive director of the Texas Girl’s Choir, died in an automobile accident at the age of 63. Weir entered the girls choir program as a child in the early ’60s under then-director ...


A Bowl Game for Charities

Rush Olson
When you think about it, college football bowl games are supposed to serve a lot of functions. They need to provide an athletic experience for players, energize alumni, generate attention for their host cities and sponsors, gen...


Meet Fort Worth Weekly’s New Receptionist Billie Jeanne

Fort Worth Weekly
People who visit Fort Worth Weekly‘s office will now be greeted by Billie Jeanne, who has recently returned to her hometown after living in Alaska. Visitors are encouraged to start moonwalking and singing the Michael Jack...


Burnam Tosses Hat into Railroad Commission Ring

Peter Gorman
On Sunday, Dec. 13, former Texas State Representative Lon Burnam (D—Ft. Worth) officially tossed his hat into the ring for a seat on the Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates the oil and gas industry here. Burnam, who...


Dallas Cowboys Off Asides On Green Bay Packers, Cletus Atkiss

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys play the vaunted Green Bay Packers on the road this afternoon at Lambeau Field in the cold and rain. The chances of the ‘Boys winning the game are slightly slimmer than me winning an Oscar. And the only...

"Spotlight" takes top DFW Film Critics' top honors.

DFW Film Critics Choose Best Films of 2015

Kristian Lin
In an awards season where no film has taken a clear front-runner status, the DFW Film Critics Association picked its list of this year’s best movies over the weekend. Emerging as the winner was Spotlight, Tom McCarthyR...


Texas Boys Choir Christmas Concert

James Talambas
Local stars Leon Bridges and Kelly Clarkson recently snagged Grammy nominations, but The Fort is already home to a two-time Grammy Award-winning ensemble that has been in the music game for 70 years, the Texas Boys Choir. The 8...

buzz kills

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) Gonna try again to be brief, because it’s Friday and you probably have shit to do. Tonight’s show at 1912 is a real banger: besides Fungi Girls, Bummer Vacation (who have recently updated into a 2.0 form of sorts – a f...

x's n oh's

Xs & Os: The Local Gift Giving Guide for Love

Sarah Angle
I remember one Christmas, before we were married, my then boyfriend gave me what he thought was the sweetest gift: A college sweatshirt and a monthly planner. It didn’t dawn on him, until I so indelicately pointed it out, tha...


The Top Shelf: Bar Friends

Brad Hensarling
The relationships that are formed at bars are often times less superficial than ome might think. We all have people in our lives that we only see when we go to the bar. We don’t call them if we need a favor. We don’t even k...