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Front Burner Taking Over Gold Standard

And we were just starting to become good friends. The impending demise of The Gold Standard might come much sooner than anticipated. Tomorrow (Friday), said Gold Standard co-owner Jimmy Moore, Addison-based Front Burner Restaur...


Spec’s: 2 Cheap

I remember, with surprising clarity, my first trip to a liquor store. I’d just started the fall semester of my sophomore year in college, and my roommates and I were gearing up to “pre-game,” as we called it, in the dorm ...


Terminal Daze

I won’t get into why I missed my flight to Los Angeles on Saturday, but getting put on the standby list for the next one afforded me about three hours to get a bunch of writing done. I figured that since I was stuck in the te...

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Super Fat Hearts

Fort Worth Weekly
February is already a short month, but it seems even shorter given that it’s crammed with promotional holidays. In the bar business, the Big Three of February represent nice opportunities to pad sales –– if a bar doesn’...

DJ Havana Brown headlined the opening of Vee Lounge.

Vee Fame Game

As the limo rolling down 5th Street pulled over to the curb and stopped, I wondered if it would disgorge somebody famous. Or at least glamorous. I was sitting on one of the cushiony hassocks scattered throughout Vee Lounge’s ...


San Fran Steve

The last time I gave a shit about who won the Super Bowl was right before kickoff of Super Bowl XXXV, when I shook hands with this dude at a house party and put 20 bucks on the Ravens, for no real reason other than that the guy...


Sundancing Whiskey

Every once in awhile, I sit down and write a list of life goals. The next time I do this, I’m adding “acquire celebrity gift bag” to the list. The way I see it, if there comes a day when I’m standing in front of a mansi...

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Days of Gore

My first experience at a Movie Tavern was in 2002, in Ridgmar, when I saw the original Resident Evil movie. As I recall, the Ridgmar Movie Tavern was the only movie theater where you could get drunk without having to hide somet...

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Mellow Monday

I hadn’t seen my friend Ashley, a nurse, in too long, so I called her last Monday to hang out. “Can we go in the afternoon?” she wanted to know. Apparently she had to be at Parkland Hospital in Dallas for her shift the ne...


Drive-Thru Resolutions

Even though we’re only a few days into the new year, I imagine more than a few people have already given up on their resolutions. I’m not cynical, but let’s be honest — even if you’re taking them day to day, many of y...