Last Call

Mindfulness at Magnolia

Steve Steward
On Saturday, I tried to read this article on mindfulness, the practice of actively paying attention to one’s perceptions of body and surroundings in an effort to live a more patient, present, mindful state of being. I failed ...


The Mid-Cities British Invasion

Steve Steward
Every so often, I get an e-mail from someone looking for a place to watch soccer. Typically I refer them to a place like Upper 90, Frankie’s Sports Bar, or Fox & Hound, under the assumption that those places would carry a...


The Stockyards as We Know it

Steve Steward
I wanted to do this think-piece on going out in the Stockyards on the metaphorical eve of its transition into whatever it’s going to transition to. But unfortunately, after a stop at the Whiskey Girl Saloon, I didn’t have i...


Seeing Stars at Big Apple Café

Steve Steward
You know what would be funny? If bars that looked like they were stuck in a certain era made your appearance change accordingly. I had that thought while stepping through the Big Apple Café’s foyer/trophy zone the other day....


Rack ’em Up, Daddy

Steve Steward
I tend to trot out some recurring themes on an annual basis. I’m not proud of this, but at least I didn’t do another “I Hate Valentine’s Day and Here’s Where to Go if You Actively Hate it, Too” column this year. I w...


Finding Common Ground

Steve Steward
Chef David Hollister had a busy 2015. Along with opening Fort Worth’s two Dagwoods craft beer-and-giant-sandwich emporiums, one near Ridgmar Mall, the other in the West 7th corridor, he quietly helped launch a new TCU-area ga...


The Moscato Nightmare

Steve Steward
I can’t remember the last time I went to an Olive Garden, only that it was sometime in my mid 20s (circa the early aughts) and that I had gotten kind of drunk at home and that my girlfriend at the time really wanted to go, pr...


Drinking the ’Burbs

Steve Steward
The Suburbs is the only Arcade Fire album I’ve ever wanted to like, because I am fascinated by the way suburbs help shape people as they grow up and grow old. When you’re a kid, you think they’re boring. But later, after ...


Impressive Press Café

Steve Steward
When I drive through the Clearfork area between Bryant Irvin and Hulen, I get the suspicion that some real estate developers’ dreams from 30 or 40 years ago have finally come to fruition, as if the buildings, streets, and lan...


True Lettermen

Steve Steward
It’s not that I think I’m Vlade Divac or some other famous person, but occasionally I like to drink in neighborhoods where nobody recognizes me, to be just one more face in a blur of the hundreds passing in and out of a bus...