Last Call

Getting Toasted

Steve Steward
You know what I think would be badass to hear on New Year’s Eve? An Iron Maiden tribute band (say, for example, Maiden Texxas) playing “Two Minutes to Midnight” right before the countdown to the next year. Take a moment a...


The New Normal

Steve Steward
When I was thinking about all the places I wrote about in 2015 (this was after I’d written last week’s Last Call), I realized that I’ve had a comparatively tame year of roaming around the 817’s drinking scene. You’d t...


Lola’s Trailer Park: Open?

Steve Steward
I was tempted to write a list of the top five dives of 2015, but I just figure you’re already listed out by this week of the year. Sure, listicles drive click-throughs, and they’re kind of fun to write, not to mention that ...


Bottom’s Up

Steve Steward
I heard a rumor a couple days ago that The Bottom, the Bluebonnet Circle seafood joint that doubles as the epicenter of TCU student booze adventures Thursdays through Saturdays, was going to throw its hat in the karaoke ring. A...


Bathtub Gin’s: Big and Comfy

Steve Steward
Do you or someone you know own or have the ability to acquire five or six dogs of various breeds, all of which are trained well enough to sit still while a photographer recreates one of those “dogs playing poker” paintings?...


Lt. Blender: Down Periscope

Steve Steward
When I saw the top story of Monday’s Star-Telegram, I initially mused about how it must have been a slow news day. But then I realized that it took precedence over the inevitable “return of Romo” article, so I sat up and ...


Philadelphia Gold

Steve Steward
I’ve been out of town for the past week and a half, lugging my rock ’n’ roll hopes and dreams around the Midwest, the South, and the Mid-Atlantic, playing to tens of people, choking down bad food, and trying not to get co...


Way Fun at the Wayside Ballroom

Steve Steward
Last week, I intended to write about Wayside Ballroom’s show on Halloween Eve (or Devil’s Night, if you’re a resident of some dying Rust Belt town where people set things on fire and throw raw eggs at them every October 3...


Beneath the Cellar

Fort Worth Weekly
How old was the Cellar? Because when I first went to it in the fall of 1999 (the semester at TCU when I was newly 21), I’m pretty sure it was still called the Hi-Hat. I had only been in Fort Worth for a few years prior to tha...


Shot Out of a Cannon

Eric Griffey
I’d like to apologize to the couple sharing Cannon Chinese Kitchen’s dining room with four drunken guys and a drunken me the other night. We’re not usually that obnoxious, and we almost never get blasted on a school night...