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Fort Worth Weekly
Newspapers are sick, but maybe they’re not dying after all. Sure, layoffs continue at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where content is shrinking and the quality is diminishing. Similar disembowelments have been happening for ye...


The Trouble with Tasers

An April 30 study, published in the American Heart Association’s online magazine Circulation, verified what Static and a lot of other people have known for a long time: Taser weapons can cause fatal heart attacks. The study, ...

FW Cats

Cats on a Mild May Night

The Fort Worth Cats spent much of last year tiptoeing on a hot tin roof, mired in money woes and inundated with uncertainty. Fans wondered if they’d seen the last of Cowtown’s professional baseball team. Team owner Carl Bel...


Crucifixion, Indeed

Surprise and disappointment were tempered with hope this week from local environmentalists lamenting the recent resignation of Al Armendariz. The administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s regional office quit on...


Praising the Pokey

Getting thrown in the pokey isn’t on Static’s bucket list, but, if you’re pokey bound, it might as well happen right here in Tarrant County — our jail is tops among large counties in Texas. Adan Muñoz, executive direct...

gas drill

Smart Career Move

Fort Worth Weekly
Static peered into its crystal ball and saw a promotion and more money in Collin Gregory’s future. Arlington’s gas well coordinator spoke about the safety and production of natural gas at a panel discussion held April 9 at ...

No Frack

Where the Frack Are We?

The gas industry’s latest promotional campaign for Barnett Shale drilling reminds us that fracking — pumping the ground with toxic chemicals to get at that precious gas — is as American as pickup trucks and Little League....

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Poole’s Rush In

Fort Worth-based Range Resources is like most gas drillers in the Barnett Shale. They brag a lot about being environmentally friendly and eager to work with communities to ensure “health, education, safety, and other civic im...

Less Than Nine Lives

A series of public meetings to discuss Fort Worth’s feral cat ordinance might have had an unintended consequence — kitty genocide. Now a group of cat lovers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest ...

Over Exposure

Hollywood stars often take a drubbing for their liberal views, but they don’t all lean left. Take North Texan Janine Turner, for instance. She earned fame in Northern Exposure and other TV shows before ditching Hollywood and ...