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Who’s Sorry Now, Adam Lambert?

Jeff Prince
Pop singer Adam Lambert’s refusal to say, “I’m sorry, America, for being extravagantly gay,” has come back to bite him in the ass. ABC canceled his scheduled appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “New Year’s R...

Tiger Woods: Celebrity Apology No. 100 Million

Jeff Prince
Congratulations, Tiger Woods. Your contrite groveling after being caught enjoying hanky panky with frisky women marks the 100 millionth self-serving, two-faced, disingenuous, worthless celebrity apology of recent memory. Somebo...

GaGa Over Lambert

Jimmy Fowler
How was your long holiday weekend? Hope you had something to be grateful for — many great writers and thinkers believe gratitude is the key to happiness, or at least contentment. I had a nice, low-key Thanksgiving meal wi...

America Votes — Stupidly of Course

Jeff Prince
The nice but boring Kris “Monkey Boy” Allen stole American Idol from Adam Lambert last night; so why do I get the feeling the moral arbiters of our homophobic nation spent all this month’s tithing to buy votes for All...

American Idol’s monkey boy?

Jeff Prince
With American Idol down to two finalists, the rabble-rousing web site VoteForTheWorst.com is suggesting everybody vote for “that guy that’s not Adam.” Don’t you know Kris Allen is thrilled about this endorsement? It goe...