How was your long holiday weekend? Hope you had something to be grateful for — many great writers and thinkers believe gratitude is the key to happiness, or at least contentment.

I had a nice, low-key Thanksgiving meal with a few loved ones. Oh, and I took little breaks from that to be ravished by two gorgeous young pop stars. They were, of course, Adam Lambert and Lady GaGa. Never knew I’d feel admiration for both.

Lambert’s AMA vocal performance was a strained delivery by a very versatile singer. No doubt he was anticipating every carefully over-choreographed move, including that unerotic man-smooch with a keyboardist and the perfunctory onstage reunion of Adam’s face and another guy’s crotch. As a cheerleader for same-sex whoopee, I wish the whole thing had been… well, hotter.


But in the ensuing bullshit with ”Good Morning America” — a show that much prefers convicted girlfriend beaters over guy snoggers — Lambert wowed me with his lovely rendition of a ditty that’s not heard nearly enough in the public square. It’s called “Fuck You, I’m Not Going to Apologize For Something I Don’t Regret.” (My colleague, Jeff Prince, wants to hear more of that tune, too). For once, that kind of honesty seemed to have a tangible result – the smelling-salts addicted Parents Television Council shockingly backtracked a bit and said GMA “overreacted” with their cancellation. I don’t recall ever hearing self-appointed guardians of media morality implying that censorship is a bad thing. Maybe the Parents are growing up.

As for Lady GaGa: For many years I’ve been underwhelmed by a long line of dance divas/gay icons who have more ambition than talent. As far as I’m concerned, you can erase almost everyone between — and including — Madonna and Britney, with the possible exception of Christina Aguilera. Then the absurdly theatrical GaGa came along with elaborate, witty videos and a trashy pop-loving sensibility that recalls my favorite new wave goddess. She also passes the “live talent” test: Onstage, she can perform vivid, punk-ish acoustic arrangements of her dance hits. Her new CD’s not bad, either.


  1. I agree with you about Lambert and Gaga, except unerotic kiss? I realize you’re speaking for yourself, but I know a ton of girls who found it hot. 😛

  2. Thanks for putting it all into perspective. I love them both – Adam a bit more though. They are both insanely talented, unique performers.

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t find the “Adommy” kiss hot. I have never, in my entire 55 years of life, been aroused by the thought of two men kissing. But that kiss–I could watch it over and over! (I’m a straight female, BTW.) I think Adam handled the fallout over the performance exactly right. No apology, just an acknowledgement that in his adrenaline rush, he got a little carried away and he understands why some might be offended. But he didn’t do anything wrong. If the pearl clutchers hadn’t gone crazy, the story would have died by the next day.

  4. thank you for writing this article, agree with you a 100%, Adam had nothing to apologize for, it was not Adams best performance, and I know Adam is an amazing vocalist and was dissapointed it did not show through, but his artistic expression belongs to him, he does not owe anybody anything. I also think that ABC knew that Adam’s performance was going to be highly controvercial, they advertized it as such on their website and during the whole show, but then decided to throw him under the bus using the kiss, like the rest of the performance was not racy at all, pathetic. I also share your love for Lady GAGA, I adore her my biggest wish for the holydays is an Adam/GaGA
    making a video together to Fever, wouldn’t that be awesome?!!

  5. “Unerotic”, huh? I don´t think sooo… Idolforums has “Adam and Tommy thread”: more than 100 pages until now about how “unerotic” was that man smooch: people post photos and more photos of the kissing (gigantic), they print screen and photoshop Adam and Tommy appearances, they home make and post videos, they now follow bassist/keyboardist Tommy on twitter, they gush over his looks on his Myspace photos, they discuss whether he is straight, gay or bi; if he is older or younger than Adam (because they know Adam prefers his guys smaller and younger), they pair him to Adam, they lust over them both, together or separated, aaand… they write hot fanfics about the ‘pair’… how “unerotic”, indeed!!! (lol x gazillion times)

  6. The kiss was hot for straight women to watch for a couple of reasons – 1. it was Adam Lambert and a cute guy (Tommy Joe Ratliff) and 2. we typically do not see guys kissing. Soap operas aside (and I don’t even find male/female kissing hot on those shows – too tame), there isn’t much out there for us. Por.n producers – seriously, take note here – male/male porn done in a less agressive, more intimate way would sell gangbusters. Who besides me is sick to death of wading through the obligatory woman on woman sex in a movie you are watching with your husband? Give us something to watch too! I agree that this kiss was somewhat non-erotic in context, but there is a dearth of hot men out there who want to enterain US. Thank you Adam Lambert!

  7. Alright, I have to draw the line here.

    Adam Lambert is an embarassment. To musicians and to the gay community.

    What a joke.

    That AMA show was a case in point of what’s wrong with the music industry.

  8. I love Adam Lambert and his new CD – great songs! Loved his AMA performance, FYE is a sexy song, the moves and the kiss were hooottt! He’s different, unpredictable and never boring – really an artist!Looking forward to further performances and hopefully a great tour next year!

  9. I’ve loved Adam from day one and I will love him forever! In my eyes he can do no wrong. I don’t understand why some people were shocked by his AMA performance—-they knew he was a risk taking gutsy performer on AI even (Think of Ring of Fire): in fact that’s what they all liked about him—that he was unpredictable and they couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. And now some turn on him!!!! Talk about a double standerd! How fickle can they be. Luv u Adam, Janice k