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News Roundup: May 29, 2015

Jeff Prince
Let’s Saddle Up And Pedal Apparently legs can be used for something other than climbing into pickups and pushing accelerators. Fort Worth Bike Sharing recently expanded to 43 stations and 350 bikes, including a station in the...


Top 5 Shows

1.) Natural Anthem is finally making its live debut. Former Will Callers and co-songwriters Jacob Murphy (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Slatton (drums) generated a lot of buzz last year after busting out their new, at-the-time stu...

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Broke But Stylish American Airlines Wants New Look

Jeff Prince
It’s not often you see Fort Worth-based American Airlines in a fashion magazine. Then again, struggling airlines don’t often hire fancy New York designers to revamp employee uniforms. StyleBistro is excited — ...


Hitchiking Beats Flying American Airlines?

Jeff Prince
Nine out of 10 travelers say they prefer hitchhiking to flying American Airlines. “I recently hitchhiked from Fort Worth to Schenectady in 72 hours,” said frequent traveler Sor Pheat. “I was robbed in Little R...

Thank God For Facebook…

Jeff Prince
…otherwise our very own American Airlines would be the most hated company in the land. 24/7 Wall Street crunched numbers and analyzed consumer data to rank the 10 most hated companies. The list doesn’t make sense to...

D/FW Airport Wants Monopoly On Nudity, Gouging

Jeff Prince
American Airlines and D/FW International Airport are okay with fondling our junk, using nude scanners, and gouging us financially with excessive fees. But they’re protesting a strip club at the airport’s south entra...

American Airlines: Express Seats for Extra Cash

Kristian Lin
I found something dumber than the outrage over the “Ground Zero Mosque.” It’s the news that American Airlines is now charging for “Express Seats,” the first few rows of seats in coach behind first ...