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Let’s Saddle Up And Pedal

Apparently legs can be used for something other than climbing into pickups and pushing accelerators. Fort Worth Bike Sharing recently expanded to 43 stations and 350 bikes, including a station in the Stockyards. The Stockyards station is among 10 in the city with solar panels that power kiosks and help make this pollution-free mode of transportation even more sustainable. Yay legs! Yay sun! Yay Green Mountain Energy Sun Club for the $35,000 donation.

Men Weep In Phoenix, Charlotte


American Airlines flight attendants will no longer receive training at facilities in Phoenix and Charlotte. Why? Because they’re all coming here. AA is consolidating and Cowtown is the lucky beneficiary. Yay us!

Carl Of The Thousand Days

The Fort Worth Police Department fired Officer Carl Duque. The department was trying to go 1,000 days without an officer getting busted for drunken driving when Duque, back in December, blew it. After the department made it 522 days, Duque got stopped in Haltom City doing 87 mph with a 0.14 blood alcohol level. Fort Worth Star-Telegram cop reporter Deanna Boyd tells us all about it, although there’s a paywall. If you’re too cheap to support your local paper by getting an online subscription, you can read a condensed version at WFAA.

Killing Rains

Two dozen dead (including 20 in Texas). At least 14 missing. Untold damages and despair. It’s been a hell of a May.

Comfort For Cowboys

While the Cowboys are making masterful draft moves and roster adjustments and looking like the baddest team on the planet,  rival Philadelphia Eagles are imploding, the New York Giants’ Eli Manning has lost his biggest fan, and the Washington Redskins are still owned by Dan Snyder. Hello division championship!