…otherwise our very own American Airlines would be the most hated company in the land.

24/7 Wall Street crunched numbers and analyzed consumer data to rank the 10 most hated companies.

The list doesn’t make sense to me. Facebook is free, easy to use, and dependable — adjectives rarely used to describe American Airlines.



  1. What, no hate for Texas’s (and Fort Worth’s) own ExxonMobil? The only corporation in US history to actually rescind workplace protections and partner benefits for its thousands of gay and lesbian employees after they had been in place for a number of years? The only company to have earned from the Human Rights Campaign not a 0, but an actual negative 25 for its treatment of its loyal employees?
    Of course the evil ExxonMobil will ride a tide of fossil fuels into the annals of filthy lucre long after we are all dead and buried, but I still would walk five miles with a gas can to avoid buying any of their product.