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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No It’s…Oh Wait, It Is A Plane

Jeff Prince
A rare airplane that once belonged to Amon G. Carter is being offered for sale to the Veterans Memorial Air Park, a group dedicated to preserving and promoting Fort Worth’s city’s history of aviation. Now comes the hard...

Gambling $7,000 On Amon G. Carter Poker Table

Jeff Prince
The Amon Carter custom poker table made by Fort Worth pioneering furniture maker August Brandt fetched a cool $7,000 in the Jarrell & Brenda McDonald Western Memorabilia auction this past weekend in the Stockyards. The top ...

Amon G. Carter Poker Table To Sell

Jeff Prince
I’m betting the Amon G. Carter handmade poker table will fetch a pretty penny at this weekend’s auction of Jarrell and Brenda McDonald’s huge collection of Western memorabilia. Then again, who knows what can h...

TCU Student’s Ass Branding Is The New Black

Jeff Prince
Kat Von D and tattoo artists of her ilk are so yesterday. (Yes, I realize that saying “so yesterday” is…like…so yesterday, but whatever). Human branding isn’t new, but in recent years it’s grown in popularity as an ...

DFW Versus FWD

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth’s longtime rivalry with Dallas isn’t as contentious as it was in the old days, but the feud still percolates now and again. On Monday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram blog site, Crime Time, posted an article under t...