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Disney's John Carter moive

John Carter: Man from Mars

An antiquated adventure yarn turns into pure summer fun.
They say the easiest reviews to write are for very bad movies and very good ones. This was an easy review to write, because despite some minor problems, John Carter is one of the best times I’ve had at the theater in a while....

Is the Right Wing Right About ‘Avatar’?

Kristian Lin
The latest dispatch from the culture wars is the right wing’s attack column forming against Avatar. The Weekly Standard‘s John Podhoretz and John Nolte call the movie anti-American. Town Hall’s Jonah Goldberg tell...

Am I Blue?

So your epic disaster movie broke box-office records and won every Oscar in sight. What do you do for an encore? For 12 years, James Cameron didn’t have an answer, and the film world went on without him. As I watched his ...