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Take a Lefty

If you’re one of those people who wonders what goes on in the dilapidated dives lining East Lancaster Avenue, I’d venture to say that those places are probably far tamer than your imagination. Yes, they might look dumpy and...


That Silverleaf Chill

I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of cigars, but it’s not because there is something inherently bothersome about them to me. I’ve never minded the smell, and the care and consideration with which cigar aficionados sm...


A Landmark Game

I am not really a gamer, but I will forever be susceptible to the pixilated flicker of an ancient CRT screen’s silent exhortation to INSERT COIN. What this means for bars is that if you affix a drink holder to a game cabinet ...


O’Shea’s: Tubular

I admit it. I’ve written far too much about Applebee’s in this space, enough to make the casual observer suspect that for all the jokes and scorn I utter, I secretly love the place. This is not true. And I made a point to s...

last call

Tappin’ that Brass

Let’s take a second to recognize and enjoy something going on in this town right now: We are in the midst of a craft beer explosion and a major growth spurt in Texas’ handmade spirits industry. It’s hard to find a bar in ...


They Playin’ Bas-ket-baaalll

How many Mavs fans are in this city? I ask because I recently became obsessed with Manu Ginobli’s magical passing ability, and I know that here in the land of Open Carry Rights Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, saying nice things about ...


Don’t Waste Fuel

I’m not gonna lie. I sometimes wish Spencer’s Corner was still around. I’m not saying I sit at home pining for the long-gone fortress of trashy fun (though I do miss ogling the walls of framed late-’70s wet t-shirt phot...


A Proper Introduction

I’d like to say I didn’t have a good reason for taking so long to write about Proper, the newish bar on the less trendy end of West Magnolia Avenue, but the truth is that in my first couple of visits, I really wasn’t wowe...

Last Call

Axis of Boozy Beneficence

Fort Worth Weekly
Every time I go to Shipping & Receiving, I think back to a decade ago, when S&R’s neighborhood (what I think of as the northeastern corner of the Near Southside) was pegged to be the next big thing. Long before the ex...

Todd Osborne brought the rawk to the Stockyards.

R.I.P. Todd Osborne

A few club owners had tried indie-rock in the Stockyards before, but it never really took off until Todd Osborne created The Basement Bar in the late ’00s. Osborne, who died Monday of natural causes at the age of 41, was an i...