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The Top Shelf, Episode 1

Brad Hensarling
Fort Worth Weekly is proud to introduce a new column written by renowned mixologist Brad Hensarling. The Top Shelf blog will cover the cocktail scene from the bartender’s point of view. You can expect helpful tips, review...

Gold Standard

Gold Standard Bar to Close September 15

Eric Griffey
Gold Standard, we barely knew ya. Today, Brad Hensarling, co-owner of the Gold Standard, announced that the last day the year-old 7th Street tavern will be open is September 15. The building was purchased by Addison-based Front...


Go for the Gold

Well, have you been to The Gold Standard yet? If you’re the type who’s up on Clubland’s latest happenings, you’ve probably been keeping, uh, tabs on the spiritual successor to the dearly departed 7th Haven. Maybe you ev...


Rooster Still Roosting

Maybe it was because I went to California last week, or maybe I just didn’t sit in front of Facebook all day like I usually do, but somehow I missed some recent drama between the Wild Rooster’s old boss and its new one. I d...