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CMT, Billy Bob’s Loving On Casey Donahew

Jeff Prince
Burleson native Casey Donahew is hitting the big time — CMT is playing his new “Double Wide Dream” video. I gave the album a good review last month. The Casey Donahew Band is playing at Billy Bob’s Texas...

More “Texas Women” on CMT

Jimmy Fowler
The second episode of CMT’s Fort Worth reality show Texas Women should’ve been called “Career Day,” since it explored the day jobs of barrel racer Brooke, singer Ali, stock contractor Anna, and party girl Hannah. I felt...

“Texas Women” on CMT

Jimmy Fowler
Last night was the premiere of CMT’s Texas Women, a reality show filmed around Fort Worth about four young, attractive women who drink and curse a lot and constantly boast that Texas is in their blood. I’ll begin the Weekl...

“Strictest Parents” Seek Li’l Rascals

Jimmy Fowler
The producers of CMT’s reality series “World’s Strictest Parents” hope to film episodes of their “family values” show in the Fort Worth-Dallas area in the near future. The show places an unruly teen in the home of t...