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A Ban on Hypocrisy

Liberals and conservatives should re-examine the basics of our public debates.
Not long after the shooting in Newtown, Conn., I got into a little argument with a good friend about gun control. I lean liberal, he leans conservative. We exchanged the predictable points, and then something strange happened. ...

Stage West Does Mamet

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Stage” page features an interview with Dana Schultes, a longtime Fort Worth actor at Stage West who directed the company’s current production of David Mamet’s November. Two short video promos – one here...

No Labels: The Politics of Wuss

Jimmy Fowler
Have you heard about the new national political organization called No Labels? It’s a ragtag collection of journalists, pundits, and politicians who claim they support civility in campaigning and bipartisanship in government....

Right Wing Tries to Roll Back Hate

Kristian Lin
You’ve heard all the stories by now. You’ve heard about the spitting. The racial slurs. The death threats. The bricks thrown at windows. The insults lobbed at bereaved little kids and Parkinson’s patients. Now the Republi...

Is the Right Wing Right About ‘Avatar’?

Kristian Lin
The latest dispatch from the culture wars is the right wing’s attack column forming against Avatar. The Weekly Standard‘s John Podhoretz and John Nolte call the movie anti-American. Town Hall’s Jonah Goldberg tell...

Spending the Planet

I’m not a big fan of most conservatives. Historically speaking, they are – to put it bluntly – too often on the wrong side of history.