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On Tap in Fort Worth: Getting a Handle on the Pint Glass

Edward Brown
The next time you order a pint of beer, take a minute to reflect on the glass you are holding. The shaker pint, easily stackable and durable, has become the glassware of choice for brewpubs, bars, and breweries across the count...

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On Tap in Fort Worth: Reflections on the Big Texas Beer Fest

Edward Brown
I’m still going through withdraws. This is how Peter must have felt after leaving Narnia. Last Saturday, I was in a fantasy world, a world full of wonder and some of the rarest (and tastiest) beers ever brewed. Big Texas Beer...

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On Tap in Fort Worth: Panther Island Brewing

Edward Brown
The last time I wrote about Panther Island Brewing was for a Fort Worth Weekly cover story in late 2014. The Northside taproom and brewery had opened only weeks before, and Panther Island Brewing founder Ryan McWhorter and his ...

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On Tap in Fort Worth: Wild Acre Brewing Company

Edward Brown
A lot of folks would love to open their own brewery. Sure, they may be seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. I’ve talked to enough brewery founders (all of the local ones anyway) enough to know that there’s a mount...

Dagwood’s uses “hen eggs” in several dishes. Photo by Lee Chastain.

Dagwood’s Roars

Though it may be trendy, this sandwich shop delivers.
The concept at Dagwood’s Grinders and Growlers is straightforward: a chef-driven sandwich menu with craft beer to wash it down. The friendly servers will also be glad to bottle your grog to go. Sexy brown-glass “growlers”...


On Tap in Fort Worth: The Collective Brewing Project Instagram Contest

Edward Brown
Fort Worth boasts dozens of original and hip-looking tap rooms. Now it’s time to show off this eye candy. Fort Worth Weekly and The Collective Brewing Project are collaborating on a first-ever On Tap in Fort Worth Instagram C...


On Tap in Fort Worth: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Edward Brown
It’s an exciting time to be a craft beer enthusiast in Fort Worth. I spend the better part of my free time checking out new brewpubs and tasting events, but, admittedly, it’s getting hard to keep up. That’s why I’m goin...

World of Beer bartender Hays has a pint with your name on it. Photo by Lee Chastain.

World of Beer — Truly

In addition to 500 bottles, this new West 7th gastropub serves up some superb brew-infused grub.
Edward Brown
As the craft beer movement barrels on, it’s not just the liquid goodness that’s getting a makeover locally. The fare at gastropubs is also transforming. As the recently opened World of Beer proves, area diners are no longer...



Wine-and beer-tasting dinners are just not Chow, Baby’s thing. Having a thoughtful selection of drinks with dinner is great. Providing some education for the burgeoning class of foodies is fine. But the last thing I want to d...

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Tappin’ that Brass

Let’s take a second to recognize and enjoy something going on in this town right now: We are in the midst of a craft beer explosion and a major growth spurt in Texas’ handmade spirits industry. It’s hard to find a bar in ...