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Delectable Hockey Made From Scratch

Rush Olson
Dallas Stars fans have had a lot of reasons to take pride in their team this season. They’ve played exciting hockey, hovering at or near the league lead in goals scored all year. Supporters have no doubt loved the team’s mo...

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Stars For A Day

Rush Olson
When you attend a Dallas Stars game, you might say “Wow, that video they play before the game looks awesome!” You might laugh a lot during a TV timeout when ersatz game show host Daryl Reaugh awards a player 25,000 points f...


Introducing Our New Sports Columnist, Rush Olson

Rush Olson
As a child, I often visited the Meadowbrook branch of the Fort Worth Public Library (now the eSkills Library & Job Center). I frequently checked out its sports encyclopedia. I checked it out so often, in fact, the librarian...


News Roundup for Wednesday, May 27

Eric Griffey
Campus Carry The Texas house passed an open-carry law that would allow people with concealed handgun licenses to pack heat in dorms and in most buildings on a college campus. The law requires private universities in Texas to al...

GLORIA CAMPOS (Facebook photo)

Gloria Campos Stops Spreading The News

Jeff Prince
Holy Tweet! Gloria Campos says she’s hanging up her Teleprompter after 30 years in television news. March 7 marks her final newscast at Channel 8. Campos, 59, was the Metroplex’s first Hispanic news anchor, and she’s deli...

TCU puts on "Fort Worth Remembers JFK" Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 11 The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination looms closer and closer, and Fort Worth isn’t about to miss out on the occasion. TCU puts on Fort Worth Remembers JFK, a panel discussion mediated by Bob Sc...


Dallas Stars Considering Moving Training Camp to Fort Worth

Eric Griffey
There wasn’t much of a training camp for the Dallas Stars this season, thanks to the National Hockey League’s lockout. The team’s recent camps have been held in Frisco.  But  D Magazine‘s Frontburner r...

The Cardinals doing what the Rangers could have -- and should have -- been doing last year.

Another Turkey: North Texas Sports

North Texas is hurting. We’re not talking about the traffic, the smog, the politics, the fracking-generated earthquakes, or the expanding waistlines of most of our friends and neighbors. No, North Texas is hurtin’ in ye old...

Mavs Can Be This Millenium’s First Champion

Jeff Prince
It’s amazing what a World Series appearance did for the Texas Rangers. Some locals (chiefly me) grew weary of our local baseball franchise after four decades of underachieving teams and consistently poor personnel decisio...

Mike Modano Heads North

Kristian Lin
The news that Dallas Stars fans have been expecting is now official: Mike Modano has decided against retirement and signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings. When it comes to athletes changing teams, the sight of M...