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Letterman’s Stupid Pet Trick Auditions in Fort Worth

Eric Griffey
Are you willing to exploit your pet for cash and some face time on television? If so, you have until March 30 to teach your pet a stupid trick, if you want to be on The Late Show with Dave Letterman. For those unfamiliar with L...

Will Sarah Palin Just Say No?

Jeff Prince
A pro-marijuana group from Nevada thinks Sarah Palin might be cool. She probably won’t be hot-boxing the hydro weed anytime soon — she said in 2008 that she tried pot and didn’t enjoy the high (unlike Clinton, she act...

Jay Leno’s Dance Of Disingenuousness

Jeff Prince
The Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, NBC debacle just keeps getting juicier and sloppier. Leno has been a human Hacky Sack for the past few weeks among comedians, TV pundits, and bloggers (led by Blotch of course). His primetime show...

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Jimmy Fowler
I have a question for the 24/7 cable news/blogosphere outlets, and I’d like to ask it in the most delicate way possible: What the fuck is up with this unrelenting campaign against Tiger Woods? Golf – like football and ...

Oprah Eclipses Big Tex

Jimmy Fowler
Given the freak fest that Oprah’s show has recently been – Mackenzie slept with her father, Whitney in denial about almost everything, etc. — she probably needed the downhome PR cleansing that today’s taping at the ...

Isn’t It Ironic?

Jimmy Fowler
David Letterman has never struck me as particularly talented, just surly and a little slow. Admirers have long defended Dave’s godawful interview skills as proof that “Late Show” is “the anti-talk show.” I enthusiasti...

Say It Ain’t So David Letterman

Jeff Prince
It broke my heart to see David Letterman slip into being an anachronism this week after apologizing for remarks made in a monologue about one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. That’s something the fair-haired Jay Leno would have ...

Stop Sarah Stop

Jeff Prince
Sarah Palin continued digging her own grave this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer about her feud with David Letterman.

Palin Leads … Herself Off Cliff

Jeff Prince
When is Sarah Palin going to learn? If she plans on representing the GOP in the future she needs to stop talking. Besides having the most annoying voice since Fran Drescher, Palin is revealing a thin-skinned ignorance that isn...