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Barry Switzer Finally Tries To Hold Somebody Accountable

Jeff Prince
As a coach, you know you’re just a softie with sprinkles when even your players criticize you for not being tough enough. In the mid-1990s, former Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer did little to instill discipline i...

Queens of the Night

They don’t spare the rhinestones or role reversals at this charity ball.
Photos by Byrd Williams IV
The Imperial Court web site says the same thing, but it’s best heard in person from the reigning empress: “We serve the community $1 at a time,” said Bubbles LaRue — or to give her her full title, “Empress XXXII Bubbl...

Not a Drag

Three musicians who met in a class at Texas Christian University six years ago founded the band Stella Rose under the auspices of loud rock and limitless potential. Youthful abandon informed the grunge-heavy, gritty rock sound ...