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The Top Shelf: A Degree in Mixology

Brad Hensarling
Where did you get your degree in mixology? I get asked that question more often than is comfortable. There are no universities that I know of that offer a BA in Mixology. The French Culinary Institute has done a lot of “cockt...

good one

Rahr: “Official” Beer of Your Dallas Cowboys

I don’t know if Dallas has a brewery. I don’t spend any time there and don’t have any reason to follow Dallas-centric food/spirits journalism. But I do know that Fort Worth has a brewery, that everybody loves it, and that...

TCU Prof Lemon in Esquire

Anthony Mariani
KERA’s Art & Seek blog has noticed that this month’s Esquire magazine features an excerpt from a forthcoming memoir by a Fort Worth poet. TCU lit prof Alex Lemon’s Happy (Scribner) is about his salad days as a booze-f...