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Last Call

Why We Go to Joe T.’s

If you’ve lived here long enough, you know that when out of towners come to visit and when the weather’s nice, you stand a good chance of going to Joe T. Garcia’s. And it doesn’t even matter if you think the food is ove...

Wake up, it's happy hour!

The Blackhorse Rises, Shines

According to legend, there was once an itinerant holy man, wandering the countryside performing incredible feats of magic. When he wasn’t controlling the weather, transmogrifying matter, or bringing the dead back to life, he ...


Ode to PBR

“I just realized my life revolves around PBR.” That’s a Facebook update, referring to Pabst Blue Ribbon, not Professional Bull Riders, Inc., recently posted by my friend Matt. He bartends at The Boiled Owl with me and at ...

Embargo is now the site of a weekly Monday night open-mic jamdown.

Open-Mics — and Minds — at Embargo

To my knowledge, I’ve played only one open-mic in my life, on a night when I was either 25 minutes or two shots away from being cross-eyed drunk. The jam ran for a long time, so it was probably like five minutes –– or inf...

On The Town

On The Town 2012

Cheap Buzz If a pint after work is your five o’clock world, no reason to make it painful on your wallet. On Monday, head west to Crowbar Tattoo Saloon (5840 Jacksboro Hwy). Though local bands rock this cabin-esque joint on we...

Getcha some seventy-five-cent wells at PR's.

Great PR’s

For whatever reason, I’ve always been led to believe that PR’s is kind of rough, bordering on stabby, but after dropping by on Thursday, I kind of wonder why. I mean, I get it. PR’s is in a part of town, the Stockyards, t...


Go for the Gold

Well, have you been to The Gold Standard yet? If you’re the type who’s up on Clubland’s latest happenings, you’ve probably been keeping, uh, tabs on the spiritual successor to the dearly departed 7th Haven. Maybe you ev...

Bobby V’s Sports Gallery Café

From Ozzie to Bobby V’s

Back in February, when I wrote a piece on the history of Fort Worth’s metal scene (“Still Riveting,” Feb. 29), I learned a ton about the late, apparently great Tattoo Bar on Lancaster Avenue. Though I never made it to the...


8 a.m. Eight Ball

Is there a good reason for drinking at 9 in the morning on a weekday? I’m sure there are several (some hospital folk don’t get off work until daybreak), but the only one that matters to me is because you can. I thought abou...

SCHLITZ1 112908.jpg

Schlitz and Giggles

I wouldn’t say that the late, great Moon’s Sunday comedy night was the birthplace of Fort Worth’s recent comedy growth spurt, but it was definitely one of the more legit and better known venues for amateur and journeyman ...