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“Gigantabugs!” at the Fort Worth Zoo

Though the Fort Worth Zoo is a popular North Texas destination staffed by many hard-working professionals, I don’t visit very often. I’m no PETA zealot, but the older I get, the more vaguely sad it makes me feel to watch an...


Help The Zoo Name Its Baby Elephant

Eric Griffey
The folks at the Fort Worth Zoo are beaming like proud parents. The zoo is now home to a baby girl elephant, or as they call it, a female Asian elephant calf. Like many parents, the zoo staff is having a tough time picking a na...

Worst. Vlog. Ever.

Jeff Prince
A vlogger going by the name of Wray’s Entertainment, who says vlogging “is a way of life,” made a trip to the Fort Worth zoo and posted it on YouTube. Warning: It is one of the most boring vlogs ever created. ...