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GEORGE JOINES AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS (photo courtesy of Billy Bob's Texas)

George Jones Funeral Open To Public

Jeff Prince
The funeral for Texas native and country-and-western legend George Jones won’t be held in his home state. He grew up in the Beaumont area, which is BF Egypt even for Texans. The ceremony will be in Nashville. And it’...

A.C. ‘Ace’ Cook Buried In A Painting

Jeff Prince
Stockyards businessman and early Texas art collector A.C. “Ace” Cook was buried yesterday in a cemetery near where he grew up in rural Morton Valley in Eastland County. It was a small, private affair. Ace’s bu...

Get Low: Awake at the Wake

Robert Duvall is magnificent in this lightweight period piece.
A festival favorite at Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca, Get Low finally comes to our theaters this week (specifically, to a regular run at several local theaters –– the film is already playing at the Modern Art Museum of Fort W...

Death at a Funeral: Back from the Grave

A British farce returns, African-Americanized and slightly better.
Marginally less annoying than the British movie that it’s based on, Death at a Funeral stars Chris Rock as a tax accountant/unpublished novelist named Aaron who’s dealing with a host of troublesome family issues after his f...

1.83 Meters Under

British rotters run round and round in the repellent Death at a Funeral.
Kristian Lin
What’s more depressing than a farce that isn’t funny? Uh, war, famine, poverty, reruns of bad reality TV shows, a few other things.