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George W. Bush’s Worst Moment?

Kristian Lin
As the Democrats lick their wounds from the midterm elections, they’re probably thankful that they’ve retained control of the U.S. Senate, but they’re more likely cursing their luck that these comments by form...

Pipeline Baron’s $9 Billion Untaxed

Jeff Prince
The New York Times shares this story about a Texas guy who made billions by burying natural gas pipelines, and then died this year and avoided estates taxes because of the generosity of President George W. Bush and Congress. Th...

Cheney Book To Beat Around Bush

Jeff Prince
For my money, the creepiest guy around, and I’m even including fictional people such as Freddy Kruger and Norman Bates, is former vice president Dick Cheney. This war-mongering and profiteering sleaze ball was selected to be ...

Hunka Hunka Burning bin Laden

Jeff Prince
So, the U.S. has al Qaeda on the run, huh? Wonder if they’ll fetch Osama bin Laden while there at it. Is anybody even looking anymore? You’d think the mega-bounty on the al Qaeda leader’s head would motivate somebody. If ...