As the Democrats lick their wounds from the midterm elections, they’re probably thankful that they’ve retained control of the U.S. Senate, but they’re more likely cursing their luck that these comments by former President George W. Bush didn’t surface until today. In an NBC interview with Matt Lauer (set to air Monday), Bush said that Kanye West’s “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” moment was the lowest point of his presidency.

In one sense, you can see where the ex-Prez is coming from. Any president is going to have his policies and governing style criticized. When that criticism crosses the line into personal attack, it’s hurtful no matter what the circumstances.

On the other hand, this was the lowest point of Bush’s presidency? Not the 9/11 attacks? The devastation of Hurricane Katrina was what prompted the rapper to mouth off in the first place. Kanye’s offhand words cut Dubya deeper than the misery and death inflicted on Louisiana? Wow, that’s petty.


Clearly, among West’s many talents is a knack for making other people humiliate themselves. Myers’ face in the above clip is pretty priceless. Taylor Swift’s musical response to her run-in with Kanye was roundly panned, and Kanye’s own follow-up to it got better reviews. (Whatever you think of Taylor Swift, you must admit she doesn’t lose these exchanges very often.) Now Kanye gets an ex-president to simper: “He called me a bad word!” The megalomaniac rapper’s ability would qualify as some sort of superpower if he weren’t always constantly humiliating himself as well. Actually, our current president sums him up best.

In the end, things continue as they were. Kanye West is still a jackass, and George W. Bush is still a buffoon. Oops, did I just provide a Kanye-like low for Bush’s ex-presidency? Sorry.


  1. Bush was on tv with Matt Lauer this morning and looked smug when he said that no terrorist attacks since 9/11 proves he was right in going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.