For my money, the creepiest guy around, and I’m even including fictional people such as Freddy Kruger and Norman Bates, is former vice president Dick Cheney.

This war-mongering and profiteering sleaze ball was selected to be the evil brains behind the dumb puppet known as Bush, and to ensure that America stayed embroiled in Army battles across the world. After all, few profited from war any more than Cheney and his buddies at his previous employer, Halliburton.

Now he’s touting a new tell-all book that will include criticism of Bush for backing away from his resolve in the Middle East once he began losing popularity at home.


Bush is lucky. Cheney could have shot him in the face.


  1. Yeah, and now we have a retard V.P. to go with an equally stupid Prez….and as evidenced by their first few months in office, now we’re REALLY doomed.