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America For Sale

Jeff Prince
If you have deep enough pockets, you can make the world flat again. Gas drillers shelled out bucks years ago to get the Fort Worth Zoo to say nice things about them. Before long, a diorama exhibit declared that the fossil fuel ...


Bad Choices

’Twixt the devil and a big hot world.
There are, we are told, only two options: We stop burning fossil fuels before our carbon dioxide emissions drive the planet’s average temperature up by a full 2 degrees Celsius, in which case we will push the world into the b...

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Cutting Edge to the Rescue

Jimmy Fowler
Global warming will continue to trigger increases in catastrophic events from droughts to floods to wildfires that will affect millions of people. But right now, I’m p.o.’ed about getting robbed of another fall weather seas...


Air: It’s also good for breathing

Fort Worth Weekly
Good news, everyone! Texas’ environmental protections could soon raise the bar set by the Roman Empire. That’s because a district court judge ruled last week against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which argu...

ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson (right) shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Rex’s Water World

What was the best quote and/or revelation of the last week? Anderson Cooper acknowledging that he is gay? Nah, not even close. Fort Worth schools trustee Carlos Vasquez saying it’s OK to pass over someone for hiring if an adm...

Rick Perry Reviews Aren’t Great

Jeff Prince
The Stepford Wives grin…George W. Bush bluster…Rush Limbaugh insensitivity…Cliff Clavin world insight…it was there for all to see. Rick Perry made his national TV splash at last night’s Republican ...