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Super Bowl Songstress Reclaims Dignity – Oops!

Jeff Prince
The pressure was on Christina Aguilera during the opening number of last night’s Grammy program. Aguilera took a pounding the previous Sunday after 111 million viewers of the  Super Bowl in Arlington watched her forget l...

Fort Worth’s Adonis Rose Shares Grammy

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth-via-New Orleans jazz drummer and bandleader Adonis Rose played on the album that won the Grammy in the Best Large Group/Ensemble jazz category –– Book One, the debut album by the 20-piece New Orleans Jazz Orchest...

Malcolm Holcombe

Listen Up
Malcolm Holcombe sounds like a hillbilly sort of Tom Waits as he delivers keeping-a-used-car-on-the road sort of greasy Appalachian-based folk-blues on his excellent new Gamblin’ House.