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Che C’è? The Double Hour

You don’t know where this cool Italian thriller is going.
The Italian film The Double Hour finally secured its release in American movie theaters last year. That’s when the buzz started building among cinephiles in this country about this exceptionally twisty thriller that often lef...


The flawed, fabulous musical Nine is based on a Broadway show, which in turn was adapted from Federico Fellini’s film 8½. Set in 1965, it stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini, a world-renowned Italian filmmaker who...

Hip Tips (Thu., Dec. 19, ’09)

Anthony Mariani
MUST-SEE TV He’s buff, has orange skin, and wears tight-fitting or little clothing. (“Sun’s out, guns out, bro!”) He pouts for the cameras, has spiked hair, and likes to pump his fist to techno music at clubs. (“Total...