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Morning News Roundup, Sep 4

Jeff Prince
I’ve been reading about gas prices dropping below $2 a gallon for a few days but didn’t see my first “$1.99” sign until today at a station on Jacksboro Highway. That’s a beautiful sight. With all the savings on gas, I...

THIS YOUNG WOMAN FROM RURAL IRAN IS NOW OUR FRIEND. (photo courtesy of wikipedia).

Morning News Roundup, Jul 14

Jeff Prince
Iran Agrees To Nuclear Deal The Middle East is saved! No more terrorism! No more violence! No more war! Well, that might be overstating Iran’s agreement to curb its nuclear program. But it’s a start. All Hail Sid Bass! Some...

WHAT THE WHA' -- J.J. WATT SHOWS OFF HIS GUNS. (Wikipedia photo)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans, JJ Watt

Jeff Prince
Sportwriters today are talking about how the Dallas Cowboys kept Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt hogtied on Sunday, limiting the man-beast to a measly four tackles and no sacks. While that may be true, Watt was successfu...

Dallas Cowboys ‘Ware’ Down Houston Texans

Jeff Prince
Sure, the Dallas Cowboys won yesterday’s game with the Houston Texans. Sure, the team is now a game out of first place as opposed to being a winless cellar dweller. Sure, there’s still a chance they’ll rebound...