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James Marsden and Jack Black make a triumphant entrance at their 20th high school reunion in The D Train.

L.A. Lawless

The D Train is a dull comedy until it gets turned.
Kristian Lin
The uneven career of Jack Black has had some delirious highs (The School of Rock) and gruesome lows (Gulliver’s Travels), but this comic actor has proved his chops often enough to merit serious consideration. (Why no one tout...

SONNY CARL DAVIS (Photo via Sonny Carl's Facebook page and Sun Radio)

Sonny Carl Davis on Windsor, Alamo, Evil Bong, Willie Nelson

Jeff Prince
Sometime back in the early 1990s I stumbled across Last Night at the Alamo (1983), an obscure black-and-white film directed by the tortured Texas maverick Eagle Pennell. For years I’d pull the VHS tape out at perfect times an...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "Smashed"

The Best Lead Performances of 2012

Kristian Lin
In some years, the men get the lion’s share of the great leading roles, but in 2012, it was the women who did the shinier work in the lead roles. (The same can’t be said for the supporting roles this year, but then the wome...