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TCU In Clutches Of Devil’s Music

Jeff Prince
The video below makes it clear why Texas Christian University is sliding off a moral precipice and plummeting into hell’s fiery clutches. After last week’s drug raid resulted in the arrest of four TCU football playe...

Pardon Someone Who Cares

Jeff Prince
Publicity seeking politicians on their way out of office should stop pardoning our favorite anti-heroes. First, the Lizard King gets officially forgiven for an indecent exposure conviction in 1969. And now New Mexico Gov. Bill ...

FW Weekly Movie Reviewer Is A Stinkin’ Liar

Jeff Prince
I was re-reading “No One Here Gets Out Alive” the other day and was amused by the recollection of how Doors singer Jim Morrison was fooling around with anagrams and discovered that the letters from his name could be used to...